Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rough Economic Times

J recently gave me her Harriet Carter catalog and I have really been enjoying it! Decided to check out the website, which was a huge mistake, way too tempting. Here's our IM from earlier today:

11:36 AM
me: I am still having a good time with the Harriet Carter catalog, by the way.
just keep finding better and better products in there.
11:37 AM J: you mean so many practical items you need
11:40 AM me: oh my god I am dying
I want to get this hot dog toaster
11:42 AM I cannot look at this website at work, too dangerous, I want it ALL...
11:50 AM J: that just makes me hungry
must need the hot dog toaster
11:51 AM me: well, in these rough economic times, we must take drastic measures.
11:52 AM think of the time you will save if you can heat up your buns at the same time you are warming your weiners.
not to mention saving water by not boiling them or propane by not grilling them.
11:53 AM J: hahahaha

A No-Brainer.

Here's a good IM from last Friday, quick and to the point:

12:37 PM coworker: you wanna go somewhere for lunch?
me: yeah
coworker: ok
me: Acropolis. Duh.
12:38 PM coworker: ummmm...
me: why did you even ask, that's where I always want to go.

Bump, Bump, Bump it up!

Because I am a sucker and I will buy anything IBBB tells me to, I recently checked out this fabulous as-seen-on-TV product online. About 40 questions later (no, I do not want to add the "Hollywood" for an extra $7) and $20 more broke, I sealed the deal and ordered it. It has been about three weeks now, no Bumpits, and I am getting angry. How am I supposed to go about my day with flat hair? This is crap, I'm getting really tired of waiting. So, in the meantime, I guess I'll watch the infomercial and instructional videos over and over and over. The cheerleaders are my favorite.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Drink the hunger away/Phantom Butter Smells

Yet another wonderful J phrase:

2:50 PM J:
2:51 PM shocking
I am starving
right now
can't stop thinking about what to do for dinner
2:52 PM me: I am hungry, too and I had a late lunch but it was only a cup of veg soup and a green salad
no proteins
J: yeah my sandwich is not holding, i also ate it way too early
2:53 PM no snackies either
trying to drink the hunger away

And this classic from earlier in March:

3:35 PM J: for some reason today I keep smelling butter, not sure if I am craving it-but that's odd if so. :-/
me: hahaha
J: Friendly little fact thought I'd send your way
me: thanks for keeping me updated, pal.

Oh, and here's a really disgusting/awesome website I like: http://www.thisiswhyyourefat.com

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oregon vs. Oregon State Baseball Game/Do Your Taxes!

I am such a trooper. Last night C and I went to the UO/OSU Baseball Game, civil war part 2 in a 3-part series. And It. Was. Freezing. We had the pleasure of sitting in between two super fans, one Duck and one Beaver, who screamed and yelled ridiculous things the entire time, including, "Do your taxes!" (Beaver Super Fan). Two adorable teenagers in front of us launched wads of Big League Chew at the drunk Duck Super Fan the entire time.

Couple of observations:
  • Benny the Beaver was a no-show. C and I wondered if he was watching the Blazer game somewhere.
  • Singing "God Bless America" prior to "The Star-Spangled Banner" was extremely confusing and no one knew what was happening. C liked it when I shouted, "Reeeeee-mix!"
  • Probably a quarter of the crowd was wearing shorts. Because that seems like the right kind of bottoms to wear in Oregon, in March, in the rain, when it's 40 degrees out.
Game recap here.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Yelp it out.

I started writing reviews for Yelp a few months ago, and I have met some really super rad peeps, I mean- Yeeps. It's a great site and a great resource to find cool places around town, told from the perspectives of real folks who like the same things you and I do. Check it out.


People would think that we weigh 600 lbs...

J and I spend a fair amount of the day instant messaging about snacks. In-depth analysis, inventory of daily consumption, ideas for newer and better snacks, great deals around town. We discuss our lunches every day, and it's usually the highlight of the day. This is my life.

She recently pointed out to me that if anyone ever read our IMs, they would think we were morbidly obese, tipping the scales at 600 pounds at least, and she's probably right. Here are a couple of 'tastes', greatest hits from the last few months (thank you, gmail archives), enjoy.

Sometime in July- I was upset that I got forced to go to someone's house for lunch when I really wanted to eat the catering in the office that day. I like that I called someone's dog "so-so".

3:42 PM me: The lunch was ok, I didn't eat that much so now I'm hungry and having some cottage cheese
3:44 PM J: At least it wasn't horrible. Your snack is little healthier then mine, sea salt and vinegar chips. bag is way too big and I always say I'm going to have it through the week but finish it in one day.
3:49 PM me: nice one. those are super addictive.
J: you're telling me!
me: There was a really super awesome cat there, so I occupied myself with the cat the whole time and avoided eye contact with everyone else
he had a dog, too, but the dog was only so-so
3:53 PM J: Were able to get dibs on second lunch? Pulling the old hamburger helper trick?
3:59 PM me: second lunch, the catering, turned out to be crappy so I passed.
it looked good at first, but upon second glance I was turned off
they also had a hot fudge sundae bar this afternoon, which I resisted, thankyouverymuch.

Sometime in September, after lunch at Cha Cha Cha in Sellwood:
12:15 PM me: did I tell you about my goddamned tooth?
part of it broke off and I ate it
stupid tooth, why is my tooth not stronger than a chip?
12:16 PM J: That sucks, does it hurt?
12:18 PM me: I was eating some chips, heard a loud crunch but I thought it was just a really hard chip- didn't actually feel the back tooth break or feel pain
then later I realized part of my tooth was gone and that I ate it.
12:19 PM J: It would be funny if it was your front tooth. The chips were worth it, though, right?

Sometime in January, short and sweet:

9:46 AM J: Sad, but I'm already thinking about what I want for lunch today

9:47 AM me: eh, not so sad
my stom hurts
but I think that's because my pants are too tight
9:50 AM J: haha, can't stop laughing, hate it when I do that to myself

Also sometime in January:

1:56 PM J: HEY, how goes it?
1:57 PM me: so-so. how are you? work late last night?
1:58 PM J: no, decided to have a quick drink and then head home.
me: nice one
1:59 PM I passed out in my bed, with all the lights and TV on, with my hand inside of a box of crackers. that's some classy shit right there
2:00 PM J: cheese whiz container in the other hand?
2:03 PM me: no cheez whiz but I did have two slices of Soy Cheez singles
I'm pretty f-ing thrilled with the free lunch today
2:04 PM spinach salad with strawberries
J: cheese whiz can always class anything up
me: also a super good tofu and fake chicken teriyaki-type dish. Shocked someone talked them into fake chicken- this is a pretty solid bunch of vegetarian-haters. I should go up front and steal seconds for dinner
what kind of snacks do you have?
J: Hawaiian pizza from Papa Murphy's. And more like "did" have, not "do" have.