Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Can't Believe I Forgot My Banana.

This one's all over the map. Really enjoy the Tough Love link thrown in there- sheesh! I was trying to talk about how I was upset that I forgot my banana and J just changes the subject on me...

9:20 AM J: Was watching a showand instead of cussing they said
"oh pomegranates"
thought you would like that
9:25 AM me: haha, good one!
9:51 AM J: What are you doing for C's b-day?
me: I made him the sweetest mix cd of all time: UGK, Dead Prez, Clipse... J: Would have been more awesome if you said mix tape
9:55 AM me: I wish it was a mix tape! For this one, had to copy files from my googlephone into my itunes...
J: Wow, you are damn high tech nowadays, fancy lady
9:57 AM Hey where you at on the blog? My mornings are a little boring
9:58 AM me: I am way behind.
9:59 AM J: Well, that's what you get for having verbal conversations with real people.
10:03 AM me: hahaha
10:04 AM J: Forgot my lunch and snacks today, totally had it all packed, too. I am starving.
10:06 AM me: Oh, no! you'd better get some food, STAT, you might pass out!
I had the usual flourless toast with vegan butter
Forgot my banana... I can't fucking believe I forgot my banana.
10:08 AM J: I like that it pisses you off so much.
Read up on the cast when you get a chance.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Birthday, CP/FAY!

To my favorite Blazers bud: Happy Birthday! Your coolness is matched only by your affinity for dope beats, b-ball, and chillin'. So, in honor of your birth, I woke up at 5 am today and made the sweetest mix CD of all time, titled, "Browne Beats for CP's Bday; Beats to Bump in the Jeep". Yes, that's a very long title and unnecessarily contains a semi-colon, deal with it.

I don't want to spoil the playlist surprises just yet by posting it here, but rest assured this set includes many hits that share a common theme of dope bass lines and awesome videos.

Lastly, just so you know, I sported the Bumpit today. How creepy is the pic of Joel above?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bumpits: In my possession.

FINALLY! After what seemed like an eternity, the Bumpits finally arrived, in a small and non-descript white package, smashed up like it had been run over with someone's car. Luckily, the Bumpits (2 large, 2 small) themselves were fully intact.

Rocked the Bumpit last night to the Yelp Elite Event at the Gilt Club, which was both swank-tastic and wonderful, but unfortunately no photos showcasing my big hair made it onto the official Flickr photo roll. I'll try to get some pics up soon.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bust A Bucket

Sorry, I know I've posted this before, but I gotta do it again. Rip City! Follow the link below, you will not be disappointed.

Sweetest Blazer Jersey of all Time

Please enjoy this brief IM about the full-bling Fernandez jersey a lady was wearing at my office yesterday. I learned that Brandon Roy's wife asked her to make one as Mrs. B Roy has admired it at the games for a while now. I wish she would make me one! But as J points out at the end, the Bedazzler may just be our only ticket...

2:02 PM me:
one of our staffing coordinators is out of town
and they are having a physical therapist cover for him in the afternoons
and I just walked by the desk, she is wearing the SWEETEST BLAZER JERSEY I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE
2:03 PM It's Fernandez and all of the lettering and stuff is all rhinestones
2:07 PM J: that is sweet, take a picture and ask where she got it, :D odd she would wear it to work...or just total true fan
2:08 PM me: I'm guessing true fan
or typical therapist, not having a clue what proper office attire is
J: I accept both answers
2:09 PM me: Haha, I'm glad you accept both answers
ohmygod you gotta see this thing
I'll try to sneak a pic... my camera/phone is kinda loud
2:10 PM She probably takes all the kiddos to watch the games

16 minutes
2:27 PM J: that is good, you should ask
she would probably be pumped
2:37 PM me: rhinestone blazer jersey update
she made it herself
she is hardcore
2:38 PM shit, I am sending a separate email about this it's way too good

53 minutes

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bon Voyage, Neighbs.

Last night, I said goodbye (for now) to my dearest darling neighbor, who has, over the last year, been a very important person in my life and without whom I might be a very, very sad person. We are bound by both debauchery and principles. We hate all of the same things. He has a brilliant mind and a thousand entertaining quirks. I am so happy and excited for him to move back to Europe to reunite with his plus-one this week.

One frequent activity at the Gladstone Court Apartments has been spending hours and hours watching music videos, and last night we ran through Our Greatest Hits, videos we watch over and over. Here's a recap, my personal send-off:

1. "Bossy", Kelis. This video has it all- giant blue poodle, self-haircutting, diamond/emerald grill close-up shots, and Too $hort. Kelis is such a weirdo.

2. "Mo Pussy", DJ Quik. This is the raunchiest and most offensive song of all time, I decided. Neighbs knows every single word of it. I don't think a real video exists, it would probably be too disgusting to have ever been shown on television.

3. "Paper Planes", M.I.A. Sri Lankan/British weirdo makes counterfit visas and sells them out of a sandwich cart. Sticks and stones and weed and bombs... awesome gunshot and cash register noises, and I think the main sample is from the Clash?

4. "Lip Gloss", Lil' Mama. I don't think Neighbs likes this one as much as I do, but he sure does like to sing/say this part: "Whatcha know 'bout me, whatcha whatcha know?" Featured in this video-nerds gone cool, dancing spoons, animated campaign buttons.

5. "Push It", Salt N Pepa. This needs no explanation. Made more than one appearance during the first snow day 12/14/08, aka greatest day of my life.

This list could go on, but I'll stop at five. "Ain't No Other Man" gets an honorable mention. And while this one is by no means on the Greatest Hits, last weekend, he made me watch "Batdance", which has got to be the biggest middle finger Prince ever gave a record label, and a middle finger from me right back at Neighbs for making me watch this, ALL SEVEN MINUTES.

Peace out for now, Neighbnachka, may the Czech Republic treat you well. Thanks for being my neighbor and so much more.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bumpits, Part II

Bumpits received as of April 9, 2009: zero. Anger level: rising.

In the meantime, please enjoy this brief IM I just found between me and BossyMa:

9:18 AM me: DUDE
I just purchased the Bumpits online
BossyMa: YES!
me: I am such an idiot sometimes.
BossyMa: I KNOW.

seriously though, let me know how those work
9:19 AM me: will do. you can borrow.

Cheddar & Swiss, good to know.

One of about a dozen archived IMs about various tuna melts around town:

1:01 PM me: what's for lunch, lady?
1:13 PM J: tuna melt from Cup and Saucer it was delicious
how about you
1:16 PM me: NICE
we are picking up from Bobs Red Mill, my fav
i'm getting the vegan grilled cheese/tomato with a cup of chili
i don't know how they make their soy cheese, but it's crazy good
1:17 PM what kind of cheese was on the Cup and Saucer TM?
wow, I have no life
J: cheddar and swiss

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Birthday, J. You Rule.

This is a post that could be pages and pages long, but I'll try to keep it brief. My friend J is an amazing and incredible person who never ceases to both impress me and crack me up. We've been through it all- births, deaths, break-ups, pink slips, illness, and of course, countless good times. She is a rock in her family and a rock in my life, too. I don't know what I would have done without her, especially this past year.

I like to tell people she's got the 75-year plan, like Dignan had in Bottle Rocket, but hers is definitely not written in crayon. She thinks of others first. She can take down an impressive amount of snacks. She's one Hot Mama, too, and she keeps it real with her little one. She can hold her own dancing with a clique of 300-lb girls at the Sweet Home, knowing all the words to "Soldier". She loves her friends unconditionally, but wears her heart on her sleeve and her loyalty is unparalleled. If I'm not sure someone's good peeps or not, an introduction to J is in order, and she's never been wrong.

Mad crafty skills, to boot. One of her dogs is a straight-up beyotch and one's a nervous angel but she loves them both the same. She makes the best of people's flaws, even her own. A make lemonade out of life's lemons kind of gal, solution-oriented. She is genuinely interested in anything anyone wants to talk about - at any time. She loves to learn. She loves her Snuggie. She likes to say, "Note to self!"

Love you, J. Happy Birthday. I am so glad you are in my life and fortunate for all of the time I get to spend with you and your family. XOXO

SYOY/"Serious 187"

A few weeks ago, someone posted a talk thread on Yelp about getting Channing Frye on there. He already has a very funny blog and frequently reviews local spots - he is a natural Yelper.

Yesterday's Yelp newsletter featured an interview with Channing - found here, and then imagine my sheer joy and excitement when I checked CF's blog yesterday and his post is all about Yelp and how awesome it is! I am SO meeting this guy!

He's got a pretty kick-ass review of Toro Bravo and Pok Pok, my favorite parts being when he says he did a "serious 187" on the Pok Pok wings and "every dish was so fresh, I wanted to slap its mamma". Ha!

Friday, April 3, 2009

I Age Faster Than You.

Found this sweet little gem between me and my old high school boyfriend/totally rad pal, a couple of days before my birthday in February:

4:11 PM me: hey peach pie
js: hay babe!
me: just wanted to say hello and you rule
js: so soon to be your bday!
you also rule
me: super duper close... countdown to wildest party ever...
js: aaaaaw shit
dicks in mashed potatoes?
4:12 PM me: oh, please - that happens on like a Tuesday night
this will be way beyond...
js: nice one. how old?me: 42
js: no way!
me: I age faster than you

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lunch Hate

Just found this sweet little love note from December, I really like the sad face:

12:17 PM J: Sad, I just ate my lunch, going to have to get a snack. So not going to make it to 6 eating at 11.
12:18 PM :(
12:23 PM me: what did you eat?
we are having my fav ever today: check itthe baja buffet
12:26 PM J: bitch.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hypothetical Sugar Daddy/You Know I Love Me Some Bald Dudes.

So, J sends me this ecard, just for kicks, and the following IM ensued:

1:18 PM me: Nice one on the ecard
I saw that one and wished i had someone to send it to.
me: I don't think we know any rich dudes... keep ya posted if I meet one, though
1:19 PM J: You sure aren't going to meet one at the places we kick it, damn.
me: I'll tell this hypothetical rich dude that if he is going to date me he needs to also support my BFF.
J: AB, I want a new car.
for free.
as do you.
me: Because we are a package deal.
J: Nice.
me: Not only do we need cars- matching ones, obvs...
me: But we also need to not ever have to pay for our bloody marys
or general snacks.
J: YES. And vanity license plates.
1:23 PM J: Have a feeling our rich dude might have to be old or have some real issues with social skills
1:24 PM I hope all areas you can look past
1:25 PM me: I'm totally game for an old dude
preferably bald, you know I love me some bald dudes...
me: PS I like how you said "our" rich dude
J: Didn't even realize. Hahaha.
1:27 PM me: Haha...
I totally have an internet crush on that guy we met last night, red t-shirt,
but he is married, so no dice.
J: Oh...
1:28 PM You were watching him intensely
1:29 PM me: I was not!
I was only eavesdropping.
1:30 PM It's easier to eavesdrop when you stare harder, dontcha know
J: Right. Like when you had to watch the speaker to 'hear' the Blazer game radio broadcast.
It is true. Unless I was staring right at the speaker, it might as well have been in Chinese. Couldn't understand a word otherwise.