Friday, July 31, 2009

Daily Food/Pimp Cup

Daily Food 7/30/09
Breakfast: nectarine, banana, coffee
Lunch: The Boss bought us all lunch! I had a pretty crappy yakisoba with tofu and veggies, subpar to say the least, but everything tastes better when it's free, right? Miso Soup, too.
Snack: Tofurkey slices and soy cheese on a Nature Bake bun
Dinner: split a caesar salad and crostini trio with Matt E at Davis St Tavern, pre-elite event. Also had a Whiskey Smash that was so-so and a Champagne Cocktail that was amazing! Regrettably, did not get any pics- that thing was beautiful. It wasn't really champagne, it was cava, and mixed with bitters, aperol, and lemon. Excellent drink, my new fav.

Late night: stopped at the SE Foodcarts and picked up a burrito on the way home, but then decided it was too late and I was too tired to eat, so that'll be lunch today.

Elite Event last night was super fun, will post with links as soon as pics are up. Until then, enjoy the pic of my sweet pimp cup I made at the Museum of Contemporary Craft last night. I was picking little rhinestones out of my hair, off of my clothes, and from the bottom of my shoes all night. Those little bastards really stick!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

What a Nice Surprise!

Fine flowers courtesy of Matt E...

I came home from work yesterday to my BFFs on my porch and these incredible flowers on my kitchen table. Also, I overslept today. This is very, very strange feeling. I never oversleep, ever, under any circumstances, and as I barely sleep at all, I found this to be amazing. Good thing Tiny Small Cat was there to bite me and get me up. She was probably thrown completely off schedule when I didn't get up at my usual 5 am.

Daily Food 7/29/09
Breakfast: Odwalla Wholly Grain drink (it was weird, tasted like rice, I only bought it because I had a coupon for $1 off)
Lunch: leftovers of the potato/veggie salad, strawberries, tomatoes
Snack: nectarine, half of which I dropped on the ground but finished it anyway
Dinner: Neighbor N made salad with greens from Sarah and Jeremy's farm in Canby (spinach, kale, chard, radicchio, frisee), tomato, cucumber, pine nuts. We also had Pugliese bread, pesto, hummus, and a hunk of Bucheron.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Daily Food

Got a big bag from my coworker's farm: potatoes, carrots, zucchini, onion and more.

Daily Food 7/28/09
Breakfast: mismatched but free bagel from work, fake butter
Lunch: Tofurkey slices, soy cheese, mustard on Dave's Killer Bread
Dinner: Excellent potato/veggie salad, (potato, carrot, cucumber, black olives, celery, Veganaise, mustard, heap o' spices), GardenVegan burger patty, pink lemonade

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Dos and Don'ts of my Front Porch.

I try to only post things on Daily AB that are awesome or in most cases, boring yet funny to me. But sometimes, I just gotta lay down some basic etiquette guidelines. Last night, a super wasted girl crashed my porch, while I was entertaining guests, thankyouverymuch, and did the following things:
  • Stepped on my foot and kicked my sandal off
  • Hit me in the face and arm with my own paper fan
  • Blew noxious booze-breath gasses in our faces
  • Yelled at me when I cautioned that I didn't think trying to fly was such a good idea
  • Said, "Showering is overrated."
So, here are my dos and don'ts about hanging out on my porch, which is quite the hotspot, if I do say so myself:

DO: engage in thoughtful, witty conversation with friends and really listen.
DON'T: talk over others and insist that you know the names of people you've never met

DO: respect the personal space of others. while the porch is quite small, we've packed many people onto it hundreds of times with no trouble.
DON'T: forcefully shove fans into people's faces if they have asked you to get the fuck away from them.

DO: pay attention to social cues and recognize when it's time to leave.
DON'T: be so unbelievably awkward that others have to pretend they need to use the restroom as an excuse to exit.

See, these are simple guidelines, shouldn't be that hard. Oh, and this person doesn't take care of her cat, who has been all but perma-melted with no water in this heatwave, which really makes me upset, so here's one more:

DO: Expect me to slam the door in your face once you realize we've purloined your feline, and show up on my porch again.

DON'T: Be surprised if you get a ransom note. We won't ask for money, per se, but we will ask for repentence of some kind for neglecting a beautiful little creature like that.

Food, Food, Food

BBQ Tempeh Platter from Blossoming Lotus

Part of figuring out my weird medical issues is keeping a very detailed food diary of everything I eat, trying to determine if I have an allergy or see a pattern of eating certain things that might be messing with me. Since the Ridiculous Food IMs have kinda slowed lately, and so that I don't have diaries coming out my ears, decided to just start posting Daily Food here instead of in my paper book. Amazing, I know, that I can eat so little yet still be fat.

Here's what I ate yesterday:

Breakfast: Nothing. Didn't have 2 seconds to stop and cram something down my gullet.
Lunch: Vegetable Stack (polenta slice topped with tomato, leeks, mushroom, with a red pepper coulis) and baguette from Papa Haydn in Sellwood (company-paid lunch, holler!).
Snack: Rainier cherries and strawberries
Dinner: Leftovers from the new Blossoming Lotus in Irvington - BBQ tempeh, cornbread, and a sliced tomato and cucumber salad.

Tiny Tuesday: Melted Small Cat

Poor thing. She can hardly move and barely wants to eat in this heat. She was energized enough to start biting my face at 4:30 am, though.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pinball City

As many of you know, I have a little pinball problem. With the time and money I've spent on pinball over the last five years, I could probably have another Bachelor's degree. My pinball obsession gets bad enough that I have to take mandatory hiatuses from time to time, when it starts interfering with my life (being late to things, ignoring repeated phone calls from my mother, "accidentally" spending seven hours at the Lutz), one of which I am currently on.

My Top Ten favorites, in order:
1. Medieval Madness
2. Attack from Mars
3. Sopranos
4. Road Show
5. The Flinstones
6. Tales of the Arabian Nights
7. Gilligan's Island
8. Family Guy
9. Addam's Family
10. Scared Stiff

And here is a sweet link to the Portland Pinball Map, check it out, it's pretty cool.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tiny Tuesday: Playing with Fire

This Tiny (not-so-tiny-anymore) B loves finding lighters and biting them. No idea where she got not one, but two, to practice her arson with.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chappelle Showed!

Dave, are you all better now and ready to get back in the game? I hope so!

It didn't happen until about 1:30 am today, but Dave Chappelle actually showed up at Pioneer Courthouse Square after hours of Facebook and Twitter rumors. More details in the stories linked below. It was a bigger crowed than the last Blazer's rally!

The Night Dave Chappelle Came to Town - Portland Mercury
Dave Chappelle at Portland's Pioneer Square - Entertainment Weekly
Dave Chappelle shows up, fills Pioneer Courthouse Square
- OregonLive

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tiny Tuesday: Stop Stealing My Look

I chased this Tiny B around the apartment for thirty minutes trying to get a pic, while she galloped at full speed into doors and walls. Finally snuck up on her in the bedroom, wrapped up in my hot pink leopard-print scarf.

Monday, July 13, 2009

More Power To Ya.

I borrowed this photo from the Wikipedia entry for "hipsters". It's from New Orleans, across the street from a hipster hangout. I dunno if this kind of warning would work in P-Tizzle.

Thanks to McG for this link, on the "hipster conundrum". I still don't really know what a hipster is, but I pretend to. I was also only recently informed that black hipsters have their own special name: blipsters. Has the whole idea become too ubiquitous to mean anything anymore?

In the spirit of meaningless titles, Matt E and I have been throwing around the adjective "power" a lot lately, which started with me saying I wanted to become a "power queer". So, my new thing is saying "power" anything. Try it, it's fun. Makes you sound really on the pulse. Like this:

Had to leave the Gold Dust Meridian early, we were edged out by a large group of Power Hipsters and their mustaches.

You'll never believe who I ran into in the makeup aisle at Fred Meyer. My coworker's Power Goth boyfriend. In all fairness, they were having a 2 for 1 special on Maybelline.

See? Doesn't that "power" really take things up a notch?

Just for kicks, here are some more links:
Look at This Fucking Hipster, be sure to check the July 1 post
Hipster Runoff, see the blippest blipster of all time
Hipster Quiz, find out if you are one of them!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Stealing or Sharing, Neighbor?

Neighbor N and I like to share things. At all times. And freely enter each other's apartments at any time. A brief text convo:

me: Hi! I stole potatoes out of your cupboard, hope that's ok.
Neighbor N: It's cool, I stole your rubbing alcohol earlier.
me: Ok, good, because I also took your shampoo. Thanks.
Neighbor N: Sounds good, have a good night.

Tiny Tuesday: Window To The World

The neighborhood watchcat.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Nothing demonstrates my patriotism more than a red, white, and blue manicure, right? Happy Independence Day, peeps.

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Dog Whisperer

The Chi Chis. Miss you, QP!

10:22 AM J: We (Ebo, T, and I) are taking family portraits Friday morning at Columbia Park.
10:27 AM Should be fun!
10:30 AM me: Thumbs up on the family portraits, that's awesome! Plus dogs, right???
10:37 AM J: Oh, didn't even think about throwing them in the mix, but probably should...
You want to come and be the animal trainer?
10:42 AM me: You gotta have the chi chis! Animal trainer? More like Dog Whisperer!
J: Hahaha... But if you're a trainer, you can have a whip.
A mini one. You know, chi chi sized.

"You Can Call Me Slurricane..."

This one's pretty silly. How it all flows and makes perfect sense to J and me, I could see how other people would think this is insane. Do yourself a favor and click through to the "Hurricane" link.

9:22 AM J: Good morning, it is going to be hot one today!

9 minutes
9:31 AM me: Hello! Yeah, going to be super duper hot.
9:32 AM I just slammed a V8 like you wouldn't have believed...
Also, curse you for talking about processed American cheese yesterday.
Totally had a piece of that junk as there's like 5 lbs of it in the breakroom fridge.
9:35 AM J: Hahaha, it makes the best "Jill grilled cheese" sandwiches. (Jilled Cheese?)

31 minutes
10:08 AM Have you ever been there? I want to try it out, I love oysters and reading some of the reviews, saw they have some Pimms drinks...
10:10 AM Oh, they have Hurricanes, would have to get them so we could sing the song

5 minutes
10:16 AM me: Hahaha, that damn song!
"You can call me slurricane..." Hahaha!
No, I have not been, I have heard people talking about it, though
I kind of have an aversion to oysters, but I would go with you fo' sho'.
10:22 AM J: Ebo hates 'em, too, can't even look at them.
10:30 AM me: I don't hate 'em, I just don't particularly like them - strange creature.
I think I am freaked out by shellfish in general.
10:50 AM J: What are you doing for lunch?
I am pretty excited about mine.
Tuna on a bed of lettuce with tomatoes, a little step up in the healthier direction from my pot pies.
10:52 AM me: Nice work.