Friday, July 3, 2009

"You Can Call Me Slurricane..."

This one's pretty silly. How it all flows and makes perfect sense to J and me, I could see how other people would think this is insane. Do yourself a favor and click through to the "Hurricane" link.

9:22 AM J: Good morning, it is going to be hot one today!

9 minutes
9:31 AM me: Hello! Yeah, going to be super duper hot.
9:32 AM I just slammed a V8 like you wouldn't have believed...
Also, curse you for talking about processed American cheese yesterday.
Totally had a piece of that junk as there's like 5 lbs of it in the breakroom fridge.
9:35 AM J: Hahaha, it makes the best "Jill grilled cheese" sandwiches. (Jilled Cheese?)

31 minutes
10:08 AM Have you ever been there? I want to try it out, I love oysters and reading some of the reviews, saw they have some Pimms drinks...
10:10 AM Oh, they have Hurricanes, would have to get them so we could sing the song

5 minutes
10:16 AM me: Hahaha, that damn song!
"You can call me slurricane..." Hahaha!
No, I have not been, I have heard people talking about it, though
I kind of have an aversion to oysters, but I would go with you fo' sho'.
10:22 AM J: Ebo hates 'em, too, can't even look at them.
10:30 AM me: I don't hate 'em, I just don't particularly like them - strange creature.
I think I am freaked out by shellfish in general.
10:50 AM J: What are you doing for lunch?
I am pretty excited about mine.
Tuna on a bed of lettuce with tomatoes, a little step up in the healthier direction from my pot pies.
10:52 AM me: Nice work.

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