Monday, August 31, 2009

Triple Birthday Parties

This is Masha, the bar cat at LPH, she hangs out being leisurely all day.

The birthday festivities began yesterday in Peninsula Park for Francesca Tennessee Moon Gordon's third bday. The kiddos ran in and out of the fountains, the Moon clan looked hot as ever, and we sucked down Capri Suns like it was nobody's business. I finally got to meet little baby Shane in the flesh after only seeing pics before. Max and I talked Doritos for a significant period of time, and Kiki got roller skates!

A hop skip up one of my favorite roads, Willamette Boulevard, and I was in St John's to catch up with CP and enjoy the wicked rad patio at Leisure Public House. Always a great time seeing him, and in addition, second bday party of the day arrived by bikes shortly thereafter. About half of St. Frankie Lee plus many friends and coworkers made the trek to NoPo to celebrate the birth of everyone's favorite chanteuse, Opal Darling, and have some awesome drinks and snacks. CP and I did a 187 on both a cheese plate and the hummus plate. Gotta be honest, some of that cheese was too weird for me to handle, but in general, always great food at LPH. Got to see the bar cat again, yes!

Capped off the bday trifecta with a bunch of rowdy Crazy Flipper Fingers and related Ship Ahoy kinfolk over at Anna H's house, in which was contained enough booze to open a damn bar. She really went to town with infusing several different kinds, plus a Ninkasi keg AND sangria. Within about 30 seconds of arriving, I was shown a naked ass by one of her friends. Who I will henceforth consider to be my friend after that kind of intimate exchange. Excellent. It was very difficult to tear myself away from that one, but alas... I was attempting to be responsible and get to bed at a decent hour. Otherwise, I would have run the risk of having at least 5 ginger-infused bourbons and potentially seeing more nude booty. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Can't a Lady Get Her Groove On or What?

Seriously, I must be the worst dancer of all time. And no one wants to tell me. Last night, went to Blow Pony at Branx, which is the kind of party that welcomes all kinds, not an exclusive bunch at all. And no one would dance with me. Well, Matt E will always dance with me, bless his heart, but I was for reals dissed by every single person I tried to bust a move with! Guys, girls, straight, gay, all shapes, all sizes, all varying dance skill levels. What the hell? Is my approach wrong? Am I missing something here? A little help, please. Even the big gals in the clown makeup let other people dance with them... but not AB, nope.

Also, what's with "DJs" who just play straight tracks from CDs? Shoot, I could do that. How do these people book these gigs? Maybe I should consider that as a side job, since clearly I will never be a professional dancer. Really, though, the CD DJs bug me. At least pretend to mix a little, even if CDs are your thing, or try to get tracks that are at least already remixed, geez. I had to leave the party pretty early, maybe some real DJs rocked it after I left.

What's in Your Wallet?

Unfortunately, a Ship Ahoy regular got mugged the other night by three young punks. He's ok, and they gave his wallet back after taking the cash out, but that's still awful. Not that I am in any way making light of that situation, but after a thorough examination of my wallet at the ole SA last night, Bartender Anna and I decided that anyone who steals my wallet would have fun judging its contents:

ID, credit cards (boring)
Many, many punch cards for coffee shops around town
Business cards: Hopworks Urban Brewery, Dexterous Productions, Dulcinea Media, the judge from when I was on jury duty
Red Cross donor card
SPOGG member card (Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar)
SHRM member card (Society for Human Resource Management)
Costco card
Bally Total Fitness card
Library card
A thick handful of coupons for everything from movies to bread

In summary, one could assume from the contents of my wallet that I'm a cheap pedant who works out, drinking excessive amounts of coffee all over the city, giving blood in between trips to borrow books and buy things in bulk, awaiting judgment for a pending trial. Not bad!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Text Message Roundup.

Having really enjoyed Jonny 1-Time's recent Texting post, I decided to do my own. Here's a handful of my recent favs, pulled right outta the googlephone. Enjoy. These are in random order, but I'm open to suggestion for rearranging...
  • Canadians have never heard of bourbon or Stoli/Boli.
  • Haha, those losers! They're content with Molson.
  • Funny, my guidebook sneered at their Molson-lovin' arses, too.

  • I will henceforth refer to you as the air conditioning hussy of Kenilworth-Creston.
  • Still no torsos in my inbox...
  • Really too bad about those lemons.
  • I think freedom to spill generously is somewhere in the Bill of Rights. USA! USA! USA!
  • Putting my itunes on shuffle is terrifying. Hardcore rap and bluegrass is all I've got.
  • Why you cockblockin your dog?
  • Only hussies do jell-o shots, please remember that.
  • Remember the masturbating bear from Conan? I want him at my funeral.
  • I will give an impromptu verbal essay about "The Facts of Life", aka best show ever.
  • Guess where I am right now. Hint: last time, it was prob 1999 and I was prob on LSD.
  • At this point, I wouldn't care if she made a painting out of it.

Friday, August 28, 2009

File this under "WTF?!"

Check out these super creepy baby-photo ads for hotdogs and sausages from the '50s. How bizarre: Babies and Hot Dogs Article

In unrelated news, the Today Show has been airing teaser segments for a Miley Cyrus performance ALL WEEK LONG. If I have to hear that voice one more time, I think I might throw up. I blame all that is wrong in the world on Beau Breedlove and Miley Cyrus. That is all.

Daily Food 8/27/09
Breakfast: toast, cranberry lemonade
Lunch: mushroom/swiss veg burger from Bob's Red Mill
Dinner: Gladstone Pizza, Hopworks Pilsner

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ballroom Blitz

The Yelp Ballroom Bash last night was a pretty darn good time. 300 peeps! Free booze. Free snacks. Live DJ. Certain people using their googlephones' party/strobe light app during dancin' at the very end. I am a little scared to see the photos from the professional photographer... as soon as she said, "Look funnier!" I knew we were in trouble. I'm not sure how much funnier I could have looked, since I was already acutely aware that I was going to have eight chins in each photo.

Post-bash, we headed over to Rontom's (blech) in an attempt to take over the patio, but it was already completely packed. It was extremely difficult to get a seat, let alone a table. Waitress was a super cranky-pants and I didn't tip her. I have had some bad service in my life, but I think that might have been the first time ever that I didn't automatically leave the obligatory dollar-a-drink. Had she not forcefully shoved my change in my general direction before huffing off, I would have. Oh, well.

Mrs. Morrison and I thought it was a good idea, at the time, to eat PopRocks. Which I followed up with a Maker's Mark gulp. That was not one of my finest ideas. But she's badass, so I do what she tells me to. Experimental candy is how she rolls. Pretty sure I had a couple of bites right off of her wrist, couldn't pass up the candy bracelet. Cap that off with a glowstick, and it was like we were at a damn rave.

Rontom's is not the place for me. So we headed down to the carts to procure snacks, as I never had dinner and only had a couple of bites at the Yelp event. After a super long wait (Neighbor N finished his Whiffies long before the rest of us had anything) at Yarp?! we posted up at a picnic table and devoured spicy soba noodles. They were excellent. It was a lot of food for $7, I must admit. Matt E had a burger, and I swear that thing was 4 inches thick.

I did not wear fishnets/bumpit as I originally threatened to, but I did wear a fab outfit styled by BossyMa. I wish BossyMa would dress me every morning.

Daily Food 8/26/09
Breakfast: bagel
Lunch: awesome veg sandwich and Cheetos (I think the first time I've had those since the mid-nineties!) from Rita's catering, diet Coke
Dinner: not really dinner but had some Yelpcorn, a teeny piece of Hot Lips cheese pizza
Late night: spicy soba noodles from Yarp?!
Misc: Maker's Mark/ginger ales at the Ballroom Bash

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Memory Lane.

Denver trip was bittersweet. I never laid eyes on my mother, save for a brief video chat. But I was able to be there for my aunt, who was visiting also, and we were both a little teary on Friday, which would have been my grandma's 81st birthday (hence the trip to the museum, taking pics of old buildings, etc... all things she would have loved). Also had a great time seeing both of my brothers!

The impromptu high school reunion was a real trip. I got to see three of my old homies and I'm not gonna lie... we kinda partied. We picked up as if we'd just seen each other yesterday. No "hi, how are you? what are you up to?" chit-chat, it was more like, "Ok, Reese will be here in ten. I'll open the door and punch him in the face, you punch him in the nuts, ok?"

We went out briefly to a bar across the street from the Bluebird Theater on E Colfax, and the floodgates of memory really opened up. I went to many, many shows there, probably snuck out of the house to do so, and also played a show there myself at the ripe ole age of 17. Driving past a 7-11 not far from there, I fondly remembered the time my brother and I ran into Biz Markie, buying Slurpies after my car had been towed from the concert.

Denver has really changed, and I had a blast walking around downtown and also driving through old parts that are somehow new again. New and hip. If those light rail trains had existed when I was in high school, I probably would have gotten in a lot more trouble. I also noted this time around how big Denver really is.

Tiny Tuesday: Eye of the Tiger

Crazy B.

Daily Food 8/24/09
Breakfast: toast, berries
Lunch: Big Town Hero veggie sando, baked BBQ Lays
Dinner: Soy Curls, red cabbage/tomato salad; refried black beans
Misc: 7 starlight mints.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hardcore Vegans and Nerdy Science Stuff Makes For a Great Day!

Nope, not at the museum- painting inside of Watercourse.

A trip to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science yesterday was not only informative and interesting, it was downright freaky! I was instantly transported back in time to being 5 years old, 10 years old, 17 years old... various stages of life included trips to this monstrous place. I got in a lot less trouble there this time (age 5, set off alarm in the Native American Hall trying to touch the turquoise; age 17 got kicked out of the planetarium mid-show). Not much has changed- all of the exhibits were exactly as I'd remembered them except for a new one: Expedition Health, all about the human body's functions, that was pretty cool. My favorite part was the vein viewer, a big machine with a fancy light that allows you to see beneath your skin. They also had a facial digital imagining set-up so you could see yourself age to age 70. NO THANK YOU, I passed on that one. I do NOT want to know.

Prior to the museum trip, I took my aunt (visiting CO from Balboa Island, CA) to a pretty hard-core veg/vegan restaurant, Watercourse, that I have been dreaming about returning to for years. It's really, really good. Since I've been gone, they've opened up two more locations, good for them. I got up from the table for like two seconds and upon returning, my aunt was grilling some bus boy about the giant plugs in his ears. She'd never seen someone with those before. He was genuinely dumbfounded by her questions, but answered her pretty honestly: "Well, ummm... I don't really know why I did this to myself, actually. And yes, it did hurt." Ha!

Daily Food 8/21/09
Breakfast: nothing.
Lunch: Watercourse: polenta-encrusted portobello mushroom cap, with spicy chipotle sauce, refried beans, pico, rice, avocado and grilled carrots, plus a Great Divide IPA.
Dinner: fake "chicken" patty on a bun with colby jack and mustard; grilled corn on the cob; zucchini and mushrooms, baked beans, apple pie and ice cream.
Misc: Manhattans!

Friday, August 21, 2009

A Stranger In My Hometown.

Pretty wild to be back in the Mile High City after so long. Sure, I've visited numerous times, but only the outskirts and not really into the heart of things. This was supposed to be a super-secret surprise trip mostly for my mother's birthday and also a surprise for my father but so far, we are 0 for 0 on all counts. My mother is really, really sick and won't let anyone into her apartment. My father is being secretive and weird and I have yet to see either of them.

In the meantime, though, I had a great day revisiting my fair hometown. It's a whole new city since I left, from the actual infrastructure to businesses and general vibe. People don't realize how big Denver is. It's way bigger than Portland. By like a million. When I lived here, the cutesy, neighborhood-y pockets did not exist, or at least, were not any prominent identities. I learned today that that's now what this city relies upon, with an unspoken rowdy history. I was a brave little Yelper and went to a Denver Yelp Event and some nice folks give me a breakdown of all of the neighborhoods in Denver proper. About 90% of which were news to me. Amazing. Also had a pretty disastrous train trip home from downtown this evening, due to no one's fault but my own. I'll know better for next time...

Hopefully tomorrow will go better than today did with respect to seeing some fam. If not, I'm taking that train back downtown and doing the Neal Cassidy walking tour. Why the hell not? Might as well do some day drinking while I'm at it, right? Denver has a rough-and-tumble rags to riches to rags to riches history and some very interesting architecture to go along with. I could get lost for days here, if I can tear myself away from my brother's 5-star resort home.

Daily Food 8/20/09
Breakfast: watermelon.
Lunch: Mexi-somethin' salad from Dixon's in LoDo, diet Coke.
Dinner: two fantastic samosas from Jonesy's EatBar, Samuri Rice Beer from the Great Divide Brewing Company.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tiny Tuesday: Close Encounters

Please stop attacking my googlephone.

Daily Food 8/17/09
Breakfast: berries from the Farmer's Market, cashew sauce
Lunch: Tofurkey/soy cheese/mustard on Dave's Killer, diet Coke
Dinner: fried tofu, Yumm! Sauce, huge heirloom tomato, quinoa.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Mojitos, Mo' Problems

Gorgeous! Flowers by Matt, berries from the farmer's market.

Mojitos were a success! No rum for AB, but everyone seemed to love the mojitos. It was a funny gathering- it ended up being just a few of us, and those who did now know each other upon arrival surely did by the end of the night. It truly was a 'mixer', if you will... Food was wonderful, flowers were amazing, drinks were ridiculous, as usual mostly thanks to Matt. I gave a pretty solid impromptu Bumpit demonstration in the bathroom for the ladies. Tunes were of the Phyllis Dillon, classic R&B, and Motown variety, always a great backdrop. I was super happy to see a couple of surprise guests that I did not know were coming and/or had not seen in a very, very long time. All in all, a good party, fun times and great conversation, thank you to everyone who brought stuff. Turns out, McG makes a mean pastry- my favorite tart brought us two tarts!

Daily Food 8/15/09
Breakfast: bagel/(vegan) cream cheese from Sweet Pea, iced coffee
Lunch: minestrone soup
Dinner: snacks from the party- spanikopita, fruit tray, tomato/zucchini, local cheeses (thank you Neighbor N), fruit tart... plus Cava/Campari (to start the night) and Bulleit (to end it).

Breakfast: Holman's- spinach/mushroom omelet, potatoes, biscuit, 2 bloody marys
Lunch: spanikopita leftover from the party
Dinner: more leftovers- zucchini, tomatoes, chips/dip, berries

Friday, August 14, 2009

Food Booty Call Got Me Again.

Curses! Gladstone St Pub, my old standby food booty call got me again last night. It had been a while, really it had, I swear! But once in awhile... it just happens. Called in an order to pick up on the way home. Was too tired to think about cooking. Kind of disheveled, or harried, if you will. I guess it could be worse.

Daily Food 8/13/09
Breakfast: toast, banana, cheddar Cow Pal
Lunch: veggie quesadilla, Coke (not diet, what?!) that I didn't order but drank anyway...
Dinner: Gardenburger with swiss, salad with ranch, chips/guac

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Elite Event: Biwa

Last night, went to Elite Event at Biwa, supes fun. Sake was had. Snacks kept comin'. Bartenders were hot. Certain people sat in the Biwa bike cart out front. Many inappropriate jokes were made about my necklace. The most adorable business cards I've ever seen in my life. They had the "Bad Cat" book displayed, nice! Matt E's plus-one said I was "just like a gay man: always prepared" (because I had flats to change into, out of my too-tall pumps, before we walked over to the B-Side). Thumbs down on AB getting not even an honorable mention for the "harried salaryman/woman" outfit. Will definitely be back to Biwa on my own dime.

Recap of the event here
Flickr roll here

Daily Food 8/12/09
Breakfast: cherries, strawberries, banana
Lunch: Tofurkey/Tofutti/soy cheese sandwich, cucumber slices with Green Goddess, salad with cherry tomato, avocado, sunflower seeds
Snack: obligatory work bday celebration strawberry shortcake
Dinner: kim chee "tempura", some kind of veggie pancake-y thing.
Misc: 1.5 diet Cokes, Ringo cocktails at Biwa (apple cider, lemon, G sake, Maker's Mark float)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Watching Movies Outside Rules.

"Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine."

On Monday, we went to Laurelhurst Park to watch Casablanca. So fun. Movies in the out-of-doors, what a fabulous idea. turns out, the "famous" line, "Play it again, Sam", does not actually exist in the film. And "Here's looking at you, kid" was never written into the original script, it was something Humphrey Bogart had said off-set and stuck into the dialogue several times. Who knew?! Wiki, that's who. I'm going to try to go to as many of those as possible while it's still the season. This Friday is Wizard of Oz - who is in?!

Full schedule here.

Daily Food 8/11/09
Breakfast: whole lotta nothin', whoops.
Lunch: Cha Cha Cha plate - tempeh/mushrooms/spinach, beans/rice, pico, corn tortillas
Dinner: more free farm food: potato, onion; some carrots with Green Goddess, AB sauce
Misc: diet Coke, strawberry popsicle, Rice Krispy treat from BossyMa

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tiny Tuesday: Sawing Logs

This B started snoring recently. Awesome.

Daily Food 8/10/09
Breakfast: plums from the farm
Lunch: Curried Lentil/Quinoa salad, roasted beets, Tofurkey
Dinner: Four of us split a ridiculous happy hour from C Bar - fried green beans (rice flour/flax batter), veggie burger slider, BBQ tempeh, citrus slaw, cheese plate.
Misc: 4 Red Vines, diet Coke, 2 Bulleits

Monday, August 10, 2009

Farm Livin' is the Life for Me...

Background corn, foreground lavender.

Awesome weekend was capped off with dinner using of our farm foods from Canby! We ended up with farfalle and white bean bake, roasted beets on greens with blue cheese, zucchini/corn fritters with pesto dipping sauce, curried lentil and quinoa salad with tomatoes, and blackberry cobbler. The blackberries we had pulled off of the road and picked ourselves on the way back from the farm. Free food. It cannot be beat!

Daily Food 8/9/09
Breakfast: bagel/cream cheese, green drink
Lunch: nada
Dinner: above!
Misc: Cava/Campari cocktails

Sunday, August 9, 2009

FL Man Blames Porn on Cat, not cool.

Check this out: a guy in Florida seriously tried to blame excessive porn downloads on his cat. I don't know about your cat, but my cat's smart enough to at least clear the browser history if she uses my computer when I'm not home.

Jensen Beach man tells Martin County Sheriff's detectives that his cat was downloading child pornography -- South Florida

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Daily Food 8/8/09
Breakfast: mushroom/swiss/spinach omelet, potatoes O'brien, biscuit with honey, bloody mary.
Dinner: new pizza cart, Wy'East!
2nd Dinner/Late Night Snack: vegan pot pie from Whiffies, shared a s'mores crepe with Matt E
Misc: coupla Manhattans, morello cherries, Limonata

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Awesome Porch/Neighbor Time.

I could hardly contain myself last night. My three favorite dearest darlings all in one place: my porch. Gladstone Court Apartments was the hotspot, as usual. Not only was Neighbor N (aka Original Neighbs) there, Matt E came by, and the special surprise guest of the evening was... wait for it...

my (former) Neighbs, aka BK.

There was music. There was dancing. There was catching up. There was PBR, Bulleit, Cava, and Campari. There were threats of late-night haircuts (luckily we abandoned that idea). At some point, I changed into an old-timey black slip, but only after I consulted my gay entourage first, wondering if that might be a bit inappropriate. "By all means, slip into something more comfortable," they said. The Trifecta was in full effect. Original Neighbs knows all the words to "Millionaire", including the rap part!

BK's buddy, E was here, too- a real laugh a minute, I was dying! His comments are about a 50-50 split of just plain funny and horrifyingly offensive but still funny. We had a pretty good awkward-face staring contest, too. I lost. He's got the awkward-face down pat.

I pulled my usual, classic move of saying nothing to anyone and disappearing suddenly to bed, then woke up to a Tiny "Not So Tiny Anymore" Small Cat biting my face and purring extra loudly. She was as excited as I was to see BK. He's been in a tight spot lately, after getting the boot from the Czech Republic due to some visa issues. But he will be back with his plus-one soon.

This morning, we went to breakfast at Holman's, and the fun continued. Until someone slammed into E's brand-new work van he'd come down from Seattle to pick up. A lady slammed into the back of the shiny new van, which slammed it into the car parked in front. Luckily no one was in the van or got hurt, but still a major, major bummer.

Daily Food 8/7/09
Breakfast: bagel and iced toddy
Lunch: veggie burger, green salad with ranch from the Limelight
Snack: veggie chips, two of those little round cheeses in the red wax
Dinner: Enchirrito from C Bar- roasted squash, collards, black beans rolled up in a tortilla and drenched with green and red chile, with marinated red onions, avocado, and sour cream.
Misc: 2 diet cokes (terrible habit), 7 Red Vines, more booze than I care to list (whoops).

Friday, August 7, 2009

Cat Burglary Update

Seriously, who would not want to love this beast?

Decided cannot steal the cat. That's something a crazy person would do. But I am going to put an anonymous note in bad-cat-owner-crazy-drunk-lady's mailbox. Taking suggestions...

Daily Food 8/6/09
Breakfast: nothing. Pharmacy tour right into meetings, then BAM, it was lunchtime.
Lunch: Tempheh taco, side of beans/rice from Cha Cha Cha
Dinner: Neighbor N's houseguest, Cameron, made us cauliflower/white bean soup; snack plate of cucumber, tomato, fontina, hummus, Peace Bomb.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

News You Can Use

V-Burger (housemade veggie burger) Slider

I have supported C Bar for a long, long time. From its initial opening, in that tiny little closet of a space, it was touch and go for a while. C Bar was then dead to me for a period of time, when it had a crappy interim menu and a handful of weirdos working there. Now, back on top with yet again another new menu, and seriously some of the best and coolest servers in the neighborhood. I love this place. I don't know why everyone doesn't love it, but am ok with it being a Kenilworth-Creston secret, too. All of the bartenders rule. Any of them can have my number at any time...

Happy Hour is 5-6:30, and then 9:30-11, Monday-Thursday. $1 off wells, sake, wine, bottled/draft beer. Really outstanding snacks for around $3-6. Sweet secret back patio. Nice picnic tables out front, perfect spying distance from the Ship Ahoy. Several pinball machines.

Review(s) found here.
C Bar's Website

Daily Food 8/5/09
Breakfast: hunk of Dave's Killer Peace Bomb, Tofutti, Limonata.
Lunch: 1/2 a cucumber, Green Goddess, veggie chips/hummus
Snack: pumpkin seeds, chunk o' cheddar, iced tea
Dinner: split small cheese place with Opal Darling at C Bar (chevre topped with tomato confit, fig jam, pear slices, nuts, baguette), V-Burger Slider ($3.50!)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

At Prices This Low, You Can't Afford Not To!

New Tuesday ritual: two-for-one admission at the Academy Theater (my fav in town). Tonight went to see The Brothers Bloom with H and had a blast. The movie, which neither of us had even heard of, was good- it was a little Wes Anderson meets Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Rian Johnson wrote and directed... I knew I recognized a few faces, then when I got home looked him up, I saw that he did Brick, which is a freaking dope movie I should totally watch again. See, Academy? Inspiring me left and right. H and I discussed taking advantage of the parties they organize there... works out to only about $25 a person, that's with food and beer! Who is with us?

Seriously, though, open invitation to everyone: Tuesdays. Academy. Be there. Two tickets for four bucks, that cannot be beat.

Daily Food 8/4/09
Breakfast: disastrous microwaved potato and soy cheese mess, an orange.
Lunch: Tofurkey slices, carrots from Cherie's farm with Green Goddess, chips and hummus.
Dinner: spinach/artichoke heart pizza, and split a small popcorn with H at the movies, but I think I ate way more than half and there's, still, at least a cup down my shirt.
Misc: slammed a Bud Light while I was waiting in Thatcher's for a minute.

Tiny Tuesday: Upside Down Cat

Topsy-Turvy. Or, can't figure out how to rotate this photo.

Daily Food 8/3/09
Breakfast: Rainier cherries, an orange
Lunch: lil sando of Tofurkey, soy cheese, mustard, on Dave's Killer Peace Bomb, olive chips and guac.
Dinner: another salad from coworker's farm goods: potato, carrot, peas; dressing was Veganaise, rice wine vinegar, assorted spices, pesto; one of those little round cheeses in the red wax; Limonata.
Misc: 6 spearmint starlight mints, Diet Coke.

Monday, August 3, 2009

I Missed the Last Bus, I'll Take the Next Train...

Trains and postcards: two of my favorite things.

Earlier tonight, I picked up Neighbor N at the train station and was reminded of just how much I freaking love the train station. Gotta book a rail trip. Soon. I'm not sure what it is or why I love it so much. I would have totally rocked the golden era of train travel back in the day. All I'll need for my trip is a sweet pill-box hat, like the one we tried on at the coast the other day...

Daily Food 8/2/09
Breakfast: strange concoction of tiny local mushrooms, shallots, and marsala over an egg, roasted potatoes, spelt toast (Little T's).
Dinner: snack plate with the Roomie- cucumber, Dave's Killer Peace Bomb bread, chevre, hummus, veggie chips, guacamole.

Best Day Ever, part II

On Saturday, Matt E and I made a trip to the coast and had a freaking blast. We cruised out of P-town around 10, stopped at the Southeast Grind (what used to be the Fireside for a million years) first, and high-tailed it west. First stop was in Tillamook, where we went to the Farmer's Market, canvassed the downtown area, and stopped into all of the little shops (got a new purse, holler) before heading to the Tillamook Cheese Factory, who was having their 100th anniversary celebration. It. Was. Packed. Too packed for comfort, so we bailed. But not before I got to practice milking a fake cow! Of note: the bizarre hardware store in downtown Tillamook, see my Facebook photos for proof. You won't be sorry.

After that, we cruised up to Garibaldi, stopping at the Ghost Hole Public House for a bite and to enjoy the awesome garden patio. Across the street was a darling vintage and general resale store that was dirt cheap. I scored a totally rad naked lady bottle opener.

Back on the road, up to Rockaway Beach and a quick stop into Karla's Smokehouse. Matt E was after some smoked salmon, but alas, our arrival later in the afternoon meant all that was left was some tuna and a coupla jowels. It was freezing on the beach, and I was a happy camper. From there, we hit the town of Wheeler, and stopped into a new store called Paragraph Cove and I scored some really cool cards the artist makes out of vintage/recycled libary books. Last stop in Wheeler was at an antique mall, where I tried on many, many fabulous hats.

The cruising continued for a bit, couple more towns and a stop at a wacky market, where Matt E bought some candy that is meant to look like a potato. Back in town, we mixed up a couple of our new fav bubbly cocktails (trying to replicate the killer drink I had at the Davis St Tavern on Thursday), set out a snack plate, and called it a day.

Daily Food 8/1/09
Breakfast: bagel and iced coffee from Southeast Grind
Lunch: Gardenburger and fries plus a Bud Light from the Ghost Hole
Dinner: snack plate of cucumber, celery, Green Goddess dressing, hummus, baguette, and a couple of slices of fontina. Also tried a bite of the smoked tuna from the coast!
Misc: Campari/Lemon/Bitters/Cava cocktail (2), Diet Coke

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Elite Event: Museum of Contemporary Craft

Photo borrowed from the Flickr roll of the event, courtesy of AC.

Thursday night, had a blast at the Yelp Elite event! We got to check out the super cool, always free, museum, meet and mingle, and make prints and bejeweled glasses!

On Friday morning, I woke up and immediately went to check the photos out, and lo and behold, for the second time now, a photo of AB's chest is prominently featured on the Interwebs. Am I getting a reputation here? If I do say so myself, it's a pretty good pic o' the decolletage, but I was blushing just a little as everyone started waking up, checking online, and emailing me all day long about it. This became quite the hot topic on Facebook as well.

Then, just when all of that hoopla died down, I foolishly recanted the evening to the Math Dept during our free lunch yesterday, which prompted the entire department to view the Community Blog, and just to the right of the text? Yep, the now-famous photo. So if anyone in my office didn't know what my cleavage looked like, up close and personal, they do now.

In an effort to make the emailing stop, I finally just posted the pic on Facebook, then two seconds later, deleted it because I thought that might be weird. Was confident that no one caught it. Until much later in the night, at the Ship Ahoy with H, telling her about my exciting internet activity, the Bald Man piped up from a couple of seats over and said, "I saw it". What?! It was then I realized I had only deleted the news feed, not the actual photo, which went to my wall. Awesome.

Beaver Fever!

Last night, went to the Portland Beavers vs the Las Vegas 51s game at PGE park, in weather conditions that were the exact opposite of the last time I was at PGE park. It was pretty much a massacre, Vegas had 4 runs before we were even in our seats in the first inning. Fifth straight victory for the 51s; they won 14-1. H and plus-one came with me and we sat in the General Admission area just behind and a little to the left of home plate. My company bought a block of tickets as a fundraiser for Alzheimer's Association- we've been raising money all month, and PGE donated $3 from every ticket straight to the fund! In addition to our employees, a whole group of residents from our assisted living facilities made it out in the scorching heat for the game.

H talked a big talk about the $1 hotdogs but in the end only put down two of 'em. As we were in a covered area and the greenhouse effect took hold, all of us were soaked in our own sweat and we had to get up and walk around. At some point, we wandered out of the park, it's all a little fuzzy due to heat stroke. From there, we headed to the Ship Ahoy (excellent air conditioning!), because H wanted to see the Place Where Tears Go to Cry. Had two bourbons there and H had a Dirty Shirley!

Daily Food 7/31/09
Kind of a crummy food day:
Breakfast: beans/rice/pico burrito picked up from the food carts the night before, nectarine. That burrito was terrible, I'm not going to that cart again. Yelp review to follow.
Lunch: The Boss bought again! Crappy garden salad/ranch and garlic bread from the saloon next to our office.
Snack: tiny piece of obligatory birthday cake (carrot), didn't touch the frosting, though.
Misc: TWO diet Cokes, 5 spearmint starlight mints, one bite of H's ice cream sandwich, and half a ballpark pretzle, which was a real rip-off for $4, 1 1/3 (we all shared the second beer... $7 is a bit much) Miller Lites, two bourbons.