Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tiny Tuesday: Don't Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

Just chewing on a TV tray, no big deal.

Daily Food 9/28/09
Breakfast: V8
Lunch: housemade veggie burger, salad from Limelight
Dinner: Neighbor Neal made me baked tofu, mashed potatoes with cashew pesto, and kale.
Misc: 2 diet Cokes

Monday, September 28, 2009

A Smashing Good Time.

Me: So, we have to take the bus to lunch. My car's still at Rotture.
Roomie: Well, we could take a taxi to lunch and then walk down there. Kinda far, but we could do it.
Me: Excellent plan!
Neighbor Neal: Um... wouldn't we just take a taxi TO the car and then drive to lunch?
Me, Roomie (in unison): God, you're a genius!

A super friendly Green Cab driver picked us up in a big minivan taxi with homemade Obama flair scattered throughout the van. Rolling up to my car, he let out a gasp. It took me a moment to realize I was looking at my own car, where a window used to be. Not the greatest way to start out the day, but not the end of the world, either.

Excellent afternoon in the park made me forget all about the dang window, though. Great time with the Park Peeps.

Daily Food 9/28/09
Breakfast: nothing
Lunch: Gardenburger 'n eggs with swiss, potatoes O'brien, English muffin, bloody mary with Tanqueray, 7 Up at Holman's
Dinner: pretty sucky cheese pizza from Rovente

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Blow Pony at Rotture


Neighbor Neal had to drag me out of the house, kicking and screaming last night. My exact words were, "I don't wanna go". His response was unwavering, he was dead set on getting me to the party last night, with no regard to my insistence that I stay in and go to bed early after a long day out at the coast. But once we got there, as usual, it was super fun. And quite debaucherous.

Here's what's great about Blow Pony:

Celebration of diversity and encouragement to get down and party with your fellow humans of all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Here's what I cannot stand about Blow Pony:

DJs who just play straight tracks off of CDs. Come on! I could do that, it's not impressive. With as big and as organized as this monthly party is, and with what I'm sure is a whole entourage of DJs in Portland who actually know how to DJ that would love to spin at this party, I don't understand why they don't showcase them. Maybe I'm in the dark here, and the dancey-dance party crowd just doesn't care as long as the music's loud.

My bitter distaste for fake CD DJs aside, it was a helluva night. It was packed. People shed clothes like it was nothin' (not me... no one needs to see that). I was convinced that the back deck (that overlooks downtown) was going to collapse under the weight of hundreds of people all trying to cool off in the night air. Death by sweaty party people? I wore some very, very tall platforms, which was a terrible choice after already having sore feet from serious beach walking and by the end of the night I could not stand on my own two feet, literally. That, combined with not eating any dinner were the two fatal errors that killed the evening.

It was much better upstairs at Rotture than last time downstairs at Branx. Also, last night there were a couple of performers who took the stage in addition to the regular dancers (one of whom was wearing nothing but black electrical tape, btw), and that was wicked rad.

Daily Food 9/26/09
Breakfast: nothing.
Lunch: veggie/swiss omelet, rye toast, hashbrowns
Snack: sandy Cheez Its at Cannon Beach, diet Coke
Dinner: nothing. Bad call.
Misc: bloody mary in Long Beach, WA; bourbon at Rotture.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Should I Be Proud or Embarrassed?

Thank goodness someone texted me to alert me I was the Ship Captain last night. But I'm not so sure this is something to brag about. Hmmm. At least now I'm tied with Neighbs.

Daily Food 9/24/09
Breakfast: V8, strawberry Nutrigrain (CANDY posing as healthy snack)
Lunch: veggie sandwich and Baked BBQ Lays from Big Town Hero
Dinner: spaghetti ($4... cannot be beat) from Yarp?!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside at Roadside Attraction

I'm Not An Animal.

I know I've been going on for days and days about my unabashed love for this girl, ever since I caught her at Holocene after St. Frankie Lee, but I'm not gonna lie- still on my Sallie Ford kick. The lo-fi, old-timey sound of this quartet combined with her wicked rad lyrics really do it for me. Transplanted from North Carolina, Sallie's only been in P-town a couple of years and for a youngster, she's got a sound way beyond her years. She's also got one of those voices that does not match up to her outward appearance. The first time I heard her, I was in serious disbelief that the "helluva pair of vocal cords" operated by this nerd-tastic gal were really, truly hers. No effects, no microphone tricks. That's really what she sounds like.

Had a great time last night at Roadside Attraction with Opal Darling and plus-one, despite the fact that I really can't stand that place. Such a super cool patio and bar in general, but the horrific service there ruins it for me every time. Oh, well. At least I got to stomp my foot and clap my hands a little bit. Jerky bartenders bedamned.

If you wanna watch the band (attempt) to make some crepes, click here. If you want a CD, click here. Upcoming shows, click here.

For a tutorial on how to best take photos of a cat, click here. Happy Thursday.

Daily Food 9/23/09
Breakfast: V8
Lunch: Grilled Tofu with Teriyaki glaze from the new Ohana location in Milwaukie, diet Coke.
Dinner: snacks at the Greeley House- corn chips, fresh salsas, carrot salad, coleslaw, baguette slices with fromage fort from New Season's.
Midnight Snack: Dave's Killer Sprookie
Misc: Bridgeport IPA, bourbon at Roadside

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

He's Back! Commence Cheering and/or Crying.

My fav blogger is back from what seemed like years off while he was working on a TV show all summer. And back in full effect, on a Wednesday, of course, means it's Harriet Carter Wednesday. Zing! I'm Bringing Blogging Back is officially resurrected.

At last my life can resume, now that I have my daily dose of IBBB. No shortage of poor taste, crass jokes, misspelled words and awful grammar on this one, dear reader. Keep in mind this is where I heard about the Bumpit, and I only bought that damn thing because IBBB told me to. What a snake charmer, that one.

Check out I'm Bringing Blogging Back, and be sure to check the Harriet Carter Wednesday archives.

Daily Food 9/22/09
Breakfast: V8
Lunch: pineapple, white bean hummus/corn chips
Dinner: veggie reuben (tofurkey, sauerkraut, special AB sauce) on Dave's Killer Rockin' Rye, and a sprookie (another Dave's creation- sprouted cookie concoction)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Crop Candy From Canby.

Fine floral work by Matt E...

I love it when Neighbor goes out to the farm, because this means awesome produce for AB upon his return. Our friends down in Canby have cultivated all of my favorites, too: greens, beets, peppers, tomatoes, plums, figs, potatoes, etc. and so forth. Thanks to JT for the title of this post- that's exactly what it is! Last night, Neighbor Neal made me a fantastic (as always) dinner upon his return from the farm, really hit the spot. Lentil/quinoa/veggie salad, roasted beets and spinach salad, tzatziki, white bean hummus, flatbread... plus I brought the radishes from the farmer's market and pineapple for desert. Matt E stopped by and dropped off the beautiful flowers above. Top that off with some One Tree Hill and that's a lovely Monday right there.

Daily Food 9/21/09
Breakfast: Dave's Killer Toast, apple
Lunch: 1/2 veg sandwich (awesome) and tomato soup (suck) from Great Harvest, Sun Chips, diet Coke.
Dinner: see above.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Really, Target? Really?

Seriously, Target? This is going to confuse a lot of people. And I touched this thing, it had to have been the illest-feeling fake fur I have ever touched. Gave me shivers.

Daily Food 9/20/09
Breakfast: V8
Lunch: vegan reuben and coleslaw from Hungry Tiger Too!
Dinner: V-burger slider and house salad at C Bar.
Misc: Sunday Bourbons with the roomie.

Many thanks to my roommate for bankrolling all of my food yesterday.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cardboard Bond: Bringing People Together.

Man, this dude gets around! What's next, the grocery store?

Last night, stopped into the ole Ship Ahoy for a nightcap and brought Cardboard Bond with me just for kicks. It was somewhat of a ghost town in there, but there was a lively group down by the pool tables who, for some reason, thought it was ok to play guitars and sing really loudly in the bar. Now, I'm all for people playing guitars. Great, I love it. But not in the bar, come on! There's a time and a place when and where that's ok, and 11 pm at the Ship is not it. Do people not realize how obnoxious that is, and that no one wants to hear their angsty singer-songwriter mumbo jumbo while trying trying to take pics of Bond drinking a Busch at the Video Poker machines?

Bartender Anna was visibly irritated as well, so I offered to plug the jukebox to drown out the noise. She was grateful. I played:

Beyonce: Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it)
Blues Brothers: Soul Man
Ray Charles: I Got a Woman
Destiny's Child: Soldier
Blondie: Rapture? I can't remember which Blondie song I played, actually.
Jackson 5: ABC
Tom Petty? ...it gets a little fuzzy from here on after.

The reason I can't quite remember the whole playlist is because some small, wiry boy wearing ladies glasses starting chatting me up about an Ani Difranco album (Living in Clip), that came out 12 years ago. He would not stop. And asked me about a dozen times if I was familiar with Ani Difranco, each time asking as if it was the first time. Anyway, without going into too many details about his little speech, turned out he was comparing my taking photos of Cardboard Bond to the cover of Living in Clip, which is a photo of Ani that apparently changed this dude's life forever and was very meaningful to him. He thanked me for being responsible for restoring this forgotten memory.

So, there you go. Cardboard Bond bringing people closer together, one outing at a time.

Daily Food 9/18/09
Breakfast: Dave's Killer toast with roasted red pepper spread, V8
Lunch: chile relleno burrito from PSU Foodcarts
Dinner: Neighbor Neal made me nachos! Corn chips, black beans, jalapeno, corn, green chile, heirloom tomatoes. We ate nachos by candlelight.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Finally Friday.

Parmesan/Rosemary Fries at the Observatory.

It's been a long, long week. One more day and maybe a little rest is in my future, but I doubt it. So much going on this weekend! Pirate Festival. Multiple brewfest-type events. Soccer games. Cardboard Bond really wants to get out of the apartment again. Food to eat. Drinks to drink. Must get through one more day of the work madness... The fall air is creeping in my window- couldn't be more excited about that.

What are you up to this weekend?

Daily Food 9/17/09
Breakfast: bagel at Labor Law Seminar at Convention Center
Lunch: cold veggie sandwich and salt & pepper chips at J Cafe
Dinner: split HH snacks with J at The Observatory: rosemary fries, heirloom tomato bruschetta, field greens, fry bread with basil creme fraiche, mediocre glass of Lambrusco.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tiny Tuesday: Throw Some Ds On It.

And, somehow this happened. Nice try, B. Strange place to try to curl up.

Daily Food 9/14/09
Breakfast: egg/cheese toasty from WindHorse, pumpkin bread
Lunch: lemongrass rice noodle soup, Tofurkey and tomato slices
Snack: peanuts and popcorn, diet Coke
Dinner: 2 Italian artichokes with cashew pesto dipping sauce, mashed potato, tiny yellow tomato and radish salad.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend Recap/Up at the Crack of Dawn, Again.

Cardboard Bond enjoying the great outdoors.

Up at 4 am. Again. Sometimes I don't know why I try to sleep at all, it never pans out. But instead of doing something productive like cleaning the house or working out, I'm having a laugh over all of the photos from the weekend. What a great weekend! Concert Friday, bday party Saturday, hanging out with Cardboard Bond in the park and happy hour at Bonfire on Sunday. Oh, and the Farmer's Market! Milwaukie Farmer's Market, how I love you so.

While I'm pretty excited for the rain as the weather turns and we are sneaking up on fall, the last days of summer are waning and I'll do my darndest to hang onto them.

Some random highlights of the weekend:
Yet another rant about bringing back Victorian medicine (leeches, ether, awww yeah)
6-Cheese Mac and Cheese with broccoli from Yarp?! Saturday night
Brunch at Sully's in Milwaukie with Matt E
"Your birdhouse looks like assholes live there."
Dude crew at Colonel Summers Park practicing Mortal Kombat moves for hours

Daily Food 9/13/09
Breakfast: nothing
Lunch: Santa Barbara omelet, roasted red potatoes, toast
Dinner: spicy tofu tacos from Bonfire
Misc: Cheez-Its ("they didn't even spell 'cheese' right!"), PBR, bourbon in the park

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Top Down, Chrome Spinnin': Clipse at Rotture


My ears are still ringing. It was a ridiculous show last night. I've kept an ear on this duo for many years, but it was 2006's "Hell Hath No Fury" that really sealed the deal. I was shocked to see that they were playing Rotture's 3rd Anniversary Party- someone really pulled some strings for that one. It was super slow-going at the start, and Starchile made some comments while Tre Hardson, DJ Nature, and Rev Shines were warming up the crowd about Portland's lack of enthusiasm for hip hop shows. I must admit, I was a little disappointed myself, but that all changed as midnight approached, and he even said this: "Oh, ok, Portland, I see how it is. You had to get drunk enough to come up to the stage and start dancing, that's coo'." So true.

I couldn't decide who I was more enamored with out of the three DJs and couldn't take my eyes off of their hands - six hands furiously flipping switches, tossing records, seamlessly blending sounds between several tables, two computers, and the 808. They played basically the soundtrack of my life, which pretty much peaked around 1999 (the music, not my life, that is...). Pharoah Monch. Outkast. Wu Tang. Biggie. Talib Kweli. De La Soul. Snoop. Redman. Nary an arty, Def Jux beat to be heard last night, dear readers, they kept it classic and dirty.

Speaking of 1999, my old pal Bob Foxx, who now runs Crooked Spine Records, once made me The Greatest Mix Tape of All Time, called "Browne Beats", which I still play, to this day. I'd say about 90% of songs on that tape were played last night. It was totally tits.

As soon as Clipse took the stage, the sweaty, packed crowd went absolutely nuts. Is it weird if I say I was a little bit proud of Portland at that moment? Everyone shouted every word to every song, and at no time were anyone's hands NOT in the air, I assure you. Malice and Pusha T totally owned it. They were super amped, seemed to be excited about the crowd, played most of "Hell Hath No Fury" and a couple of new songs from the album that comes out next month. I hadn't seen a good hip hop show in Portland in a long time; not since an especially brain-bleed-inducing set by Prefuse 73 with Beans years ago, a concert I attended with Prof K that took me several days to recover from.

Last night's show was definitely epic. I liked what Ezra Caraeff said in the Mercury: "...it's safe to say that unless you own a Lamborghini dealership, you will never get another chance to be this close to Clipse."

Pics of the show on We Rockin Stillettos including a really bad pic of me, thanks, Fox.

Just for kicks, here are some links for some of my fav songs from last night:
Nuttin' Nyce: "Down 4 Whateva"
Pharoahe Monch: "Simon Says"
Outkast: "Two Dope Boyz (in a Cadillac)"

And, of course: Clipse, "Mr Me Too"

Friday, September 11, 2009

St Frankie Lee at Holocene

Possibly their best set ever! And I would know, trust me on that, no one has come close to edging me out for my Number One Fan spot. Great show on Wednesday night, sound was excellent, setting was perfect and a good time was had by all. I stuck around for Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside, and she freaking knocked my socks off. I was not only mesmerized, but stopped dead in my tracks, with my jaw hanging open, completely surprised when I finally came to and realized the set was over and they were exiting the stage.

St Frankie Lee had a sweet little write-up recently in the Willamette Week, too: click here.

Also of note: the Manhattan at Holocene. It was stellar! They put a little port in it. It was also only fifty cents more than just a shot of bourbon, and they used the Woodford Reserve 8-yr. The bartender seemed quite tickled that I ordered off of the actual drink menu after getting several requests for "gluten-free beer" from a long line of less than chipper patrons. He also put out a tray of adorable cupcakes... what is with all the cupcakes lately? It's madness, I tell you! My first words to Chel-C, before she was even off the stage were not, "Oh, great job, hon!" Instead, I stormed the stage and shouted, "Chel-C. They have cupcakes. How many do you want?"

Daily Food 9/9/09
Breakfast: toast with grilled artichoke spread, V8
Lunch: bowl of refried beans with tomatoes, olives, tortilla chips
Dinner: chicken-fried tempeh, mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy, tomato salad
Misc: 2 diet ginger ales, Manhattan at Holocene

Daily Food 9/10/09
Breakfast: toast, nectarine, V8
Lunch: falafel from the 5th/Stark food carts, diet Coke
Dinner: V-Burger slider, flax-fried green beans with J at C-Bar

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Newest Addition to the Gladstone Court Apts

This was on top of the paper recycling dumpster yesterday morning. Sweet score, right? I got big plans for this thing, just you wait...

Daily Food 9/8/09
Breakfast: toast, V8, apple
Lunch: Kam&Kam catering- spinach/strawberry salad, wild rice, ginger seitan
Dinner: Taco Tuesday! Bean/Soy Curls/olive/guac/tomato/salsa
Misc: 2 diet ginger ales

A Hoot, A Holler, and a Thousand Cupcakes.

AC topped this mini cupcake with a bit of blue cheese and gouda. Great idea, I wish I had thought of it first.

No shortage.

Tiny Tuesday is preempted this morning by a special post about a small yet mighty treat: the cupcake. I don't normally eat sweets, ever, but am somewhat tickled that I have been to two cupcake parties inside of 2 weeks! Hoot so warmly welcomed us over yesterday and thank goodness, I didn't bring any cupcakes because there were so, so many. And we couldn't stop ourselves. I found myself unwrapping one after the other, and even ate one with a substantial piece of the wrapper still stuck to it and didn't even care. I can't remember every variety, but for sure there were:

Blue Velvet
Key Lime
Mountain Dew
Chocolate with (homemade!) peanut butter

As if the cake, wine, and visiting were not enough fun, Hoot and I finally got the phone number for the payphone below her place, in the AM/PM parking lot. While it did take us at least 10 minutes to figure out how to use a payphone (iphone and googlephone, ya know), we were finally successful and even made money on the venture! It spit back our change and then some, I think we came out about $1.80 on top. Success. Next party? Less cupcakes (maybe), more prank calls.

Daily Food 9/7/09
Breakfast: Dave's Killer Bread toast with peanut/flax butter
Lunch: roasted potato, red pepper, onion, tomato plate with pepperjack and tortillas
Snacks at the party: cupcakes, cheese and crackers, bubbly
Dinner: split a personal mushroom pizza and garden salad with CP at Tom's on Lombard. How it is possible I never knew about the $4 HH pizza before last night, I do not know.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Text Message Roundup.

Some good ones this week, as usual, here are my favs:
  • Start sleeping with a hockey mask on.
  • Dude. Whatever happened to T.I.?
  • How very Southern Belle of you.
  • Bastard. Bitch. Vegan.
  • Crunk it up, crunky!
  • You have to buy me ramen first before you can touch my weenus.*
And one blunder, tried to text "Sleeping?" but attempted to use my touch screen and sent "Slwmmm" to someone I should not have been texting at that hour (after midnight) in the first place.

*Overheard at CBar, from one man to another. Had to text it to my friend as recorded proof, this guy was super crazy and making us nervous. Still a funny text, though.

Daily Food 9/6/09
Breakfast: nothing.
Lunch: potato/leek soup, handmade tortilla
Dinner: C-Bar- flax-fried green beans, "SE Poutine" (fries, mushroom gravy, collard greens)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Really Deep Convo About OTH

I have no excuse for this. I'm not even going to pretend. Enjoy.

10:03 AM McG: He lives in NC - things be different there...
me: excuses excuses...
10:04 AMYou know what else they have in NC?
McG: Love that show.
me: You know what I have? Signed photo of the cast. 10:05 AMMcG: Sophia Bush went to my snotty prep school
me: S T F U. Nice one.
McG: No lie. I believe she was Rose Queen as well. Pasadena.
10:06 AM me: Whoah. You are blowing my mind right now.
McG: Your whole opinion of me is changing today, I can feel it.
McG: There ya go.
10:08 AM Westridge School for Girls, holler.
10:09 AMme: She's great on that show, really great.
McG: Fo sho'.
10:10 AM I didn't watch last season... I have the hots for Nathan.
me: Who'da thunk that Brooke Davis would have made SUCH an incredible transition from bully slut cheerleader to adoptive mother entrepreneur in just 5 short years? I mean, even when Daphne Zuniga ripped the rug right out from under her! McG: Did she get to keep the kid?
me: Well, she had to give the baby back. Or it died or something. But then she took in a troubled high schooler. 10:11 AMMcG: That's believable.
10:12 AM me: It was totes believable! See, the kid was one of Haley's students...
McG: This is nerd-tastic.
me: Who they found sleeping in a car, and Brooke took her in, AFTER she and her punk friends robbed Clothes Over Bros!
It was really rough and tumble for a while there but turns out, Brooke and the teen were exactly what each other needed.
me: This last season was super awesome, Netflix that shit immediately.
10:13 AM McG: What happened to the psycho bitch that kidnapped Jamie?
me: Excellent question, but I don't know because I missed those episodes.
10:14 AM McG: Dan told her to get the fuck out of town.
me: Oh, yeah! And then a dog at the hospital ATE DAN'S TRANSPLANT HEART.Right in front of him!
McG: Hahaha... bastard!
me: He had been waiting for that thing forever! A nurse tripped, spilled open the Igloo-brand-name cooler, the heart went flying, and the FUCKING DOG ATE IT.
10:15 AM McG: And there was a dog in a hospital because it was Portland?
me: Nah, it was One Tree General, I'm sure. It was probably a seeing eye dog.
10:16 AM This is the best IM we've ever had, except for yesterday's with all that name-calling.
McG: Hag.

Pimp Coat to Go with my Pimp Cup

"What's a pimp with no ho?" (Sorry, had to throw in a little UGK reference there...)

Yesterday J gave me this coat she scored at some kind of estate sale or something, and this thing is ridiculous! I'm pretty sure this will get me kicked out of Vegan Club... yep, that's real fur, dear readers. As soon as I put it on, Ebo hightailed it into the house to grab his pimp coat with *cough* fake fur... But he has an accompanying hat, so I guess we'll call it even.

I expected more of a reaction from the Tiny Small Cat, who was indifferent to me shoving a dead animal skin in her direction upon returning home in said Pimp Coat. I was hoping she would attack it or at least curl up in it for some good Tiny Tuesday pics. But alas, the beast was not impressed.

Sweet score on the coat, J.

Daily Food 9/5/09
Breakfast: cheese omelet, toast with jelly, hashbrowns, bloody mary (questionable... no mix, just booze with pepper on top?), Miller High Life all from The Acropolis
Snacks: chips and guac, pinwheel shortbread cookies
Dinner: Boca burger with avocado, yellow boy tomato, lettuce, pickles
Late night: Roomie bought me a tostada (beans, lettuce, cheese) from Muchas Gracias!
Misc: diet coke, 2 Henry Weinhardt's, strange Thai Bloody Mary

Kind of a weird food day.

Shenanigans at the Senior Center

On Friday, several coworkers and I went to the Milwaukie Senior Center to work our regular lunch shift, and I gotta hand it to us... best lunch shift ever! I only got yelled at a couple of times, and no one slipped/tripped/fell this time.

Fridays are more than just regular lunch. It's more of a lunch/concert/dance- a super sweet jazz/swing band sets up, and they play the same songs every time, but it's like it's the first time, every time. It's easy to tell which are the "hits"... everyone gets up for "All of Me", but there are a couple of other songs that only a few people dance to. They also regularly perform this bizarre ritual they call the chair dance, but I've never understood what the chairs have to do with it. Basically, they line up a row of chairs, the hottest chicks stand on one side, and then the gentlemen line up to take each lady for one revolution around the dance floor. It's adorable. But there is no actual chair dancing. Maybe the chairs are there in case a lady does NOT want to go for a whirl with a particular guy, she can sit that one out? I'll have to pay more attention next time.

It's generally the same crowd, and it's highly entertaining to watch the cliques. It's like "The Breakfast Club" Geriatric Version. It's pretty much like being at a high school dance but with more wigs. Shoot, those ladies have the Bumpit beat by about a foot and a half. Some joker brought in a case of cupcakes for everyone this last time (pretty sure those aren't on the strict nutrition plan of the lunches we serve), so we had a lot of "Frosting clean up at table four" calls.

All in all, it's a great place, lots of action (baked goods on sale for a quarter! pool sharks posted up hustlin' all day in the billiards room! gardening! puzzles!), and a nice way to help out once in a while. Clackamas County Meals on Wheels is run out of that center also, so we get those ready to go before our lunch service with the old folks. We are almost to the point when we can go for it sans supervision- they're cuttin' us loose next month!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Casa Naranja/Moloko Plus

Last night, joined a birthday party in-prog at Casa Naranja, then walked down to Moloko, both on Mississippi. Outside of the Casa, spent a few moments looking at the real estate postings for the immediately surrounding couple of blocks. Most houses were over $300K. Kicking myself every day for not having the foresight 5-6 years ago to move into that area, which I LOVE, and that is now officially out of my price range.

But anyway- both places have super sweet patios! I had never been to Naranja before, and it had been awhile since I stopped in at Moloko (actually, I can remember the exact day and why I remember, but that's another post altogether). The back patio at Naranja is like a make-shift beach, and you can swing in hammock chairs over the sand. Would love to go back for HH.

Upon entering Moloko, was reminded of why I used to love and frequent that place a couple of years ago: because it rules. They always have great DJs, more varieties of house-infused booze than you can shake a stick at, neato fishtanks, and sorry, but the Clockwork Orange themes/decor never, ever get old for me. All that place needs is a bar cat and I'll move in.

Hope the bday girl had a good time. She was pretty much toast by the time I arrived, though. Her first words upon my arrival were, "Motorboat me". She talked at least a dozen people into doing that, though, so kudos to her.

Daily Food 9/2/09
Breakfast: leftover tofu, banana, baguette slices
Lunch: big salad with ranch, diet Coke
Dinner: black eyed peas/veg salad, Matt E's guacamole, tortilla chips

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tiny Tuesday: Lap(top) Cat

I was listening to some Kelis from the other room when it became silent all of a sudden. Tiny Small Cat put it on mute. First the googlephone, now this.