Sunday, September 27, 2009

Blow Pony at Rotture


Neighbor Neal had to drag me out of the house, kicking and screaming last night. My exact words were, "I don't wanna go". His response was unwavering, he was dead set on getting me to the party last night, with no regard to my insistence that I stay in and go to bed early after a long day out at the coast. But once we got there, as usual, it was super fun. And quite debaucherous.

Here's what's great about Blow Pony:

Celebration of diversity and encouragement to get down and party with your fellow humans of all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Here's what I cannot stand about Blow Pony:

DJs who just play straight tracks off of CDs. Come on! I could do that, it's not impressive. With as big and as organized as this monthly party is, and with what I'm sure is a whole entourage of DJs in Portland who actually know how to DJ that would love to spin at this party, I don't understand why they don't showcase them. Maybe I'm in the dark here, and the dancey-dance party crowd just doesn't care as long as the music's loud.

My bitter distaste for fake CD DJs aside, it was a helluva night. It was packed. People shed clothes like it was nothin' (not me... no one needs to see that). I was convinced that the back deck (that overlooks downtown) was going to collapse under the weight of hundreds of people all trying to cool off in the night air. Death by sweaty party people? I wore some very, very tall platforms, which was a terrible choice after already having sore feet from serious beach walking and by the end of the night I could not stand on my own two feet, literally. That, combined with not eating any dinner were the two fatal errors that killed the evening.

It was much better upstairs at Rotture than last time downstairs at Branx. Also, last night there were a couple of performers who took the stage in addition to the regular dancers (one of whom was wearing nothing but black electrical tape, btw), and that was wicked rad.

Daily Food 9/26/09
Breakfast: nothing.
Lunch: veggie/swiss omelet, rye toast, hashbrowns
Snack: sandy Cheez Its at Cannon Beach, diet Coke
Dinner: nothing. Bad call.
Misc: bloody mary in Long Beach, WA; bourbon at Rotture.

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