Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside at Roadside Attraction

I'm Not An Animal.

I know I've been going on for days and days about my unabashed love for this girl, ever since I caught her at Holocene after St. Frankie Lee, but I'm not gonna lie- still on my Sallie Ford kick. The lo-fi, old-timey sound of this quartet combined with her wicked rad lyrics really do it for me. Transplanted from North Carolina, Sallie's only been in P-town a couple of years and for a youngster, she's got a sound way beyond her years. She's also got one of those voices that does not match up to her outward appearance. The first time I heard her, I was in serious disbelief that the "helluva pair of vocal cords" operated by this nerd-tastic gal were really, truly hers. No effects, no microphone tricks. That's really what she sounds like.

Had a great time last night at Roadside Attraction with Opal Darling and plus-one, despite the fact that I really can't stand that place. Such a super cool patio and bar in general, but the horrific service there ruins it for me every time. Oh, well. At least I got to stomp my foot and clap my hands a little bit. Jerky bartenders bedamned.

If you wanna watch the band (attempt) to make some crepes, click here. If you want a CD, click here. Upcoming shows, click here.

For a tutorial on how to best take photos of a cat, click here. Happy Thursday.

Daily Food 9/23/09
Breakfast: V8
Lunch: Grilled Tofu with Teriyaki glaze from the new Ohana location in Milwaukie, diet Coke.
Dinner: snacks at the Greeley House- corn chips, fresh salsas, carrot salad, coleslaw, baguette slices with fromage fort from New Season's.
Midnight Snack: Dave's Killer Sprookie
Misc: Bridgeport IPA, bourbon at Roadside

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Matt said...

New fanatic of Sallie Ford's here. Can't take the EP of repeat. Do you know where I can find a copy of her lyrics?