Friday, January 29, 2010

Damn Fine Day.

French 77 - gin, lemon, bubbly, calvados

The first half of the day yesterday was a little touch and go due to being out of sorts from late late YouTube marathon and a couple of emergencies at work, but after a really good review with my boss, I was walking on air.  I actually had to go outside when it was done to run around the building, I was so happy.

Followed that up with a fabulous happy hour UYE @ Victory on Division and BAM, damn fine day.

Today's gonna rule, too, I'm sure of it.  Happy Friday! 

Daily Food 1/28/09
Breakfast: Dave's Killer toast
Snack: Sprookie
Lunch: spinach salad with strawberries, garlic mashed potatoes
Dinner:  HH @ Victory - spaetzle, hush puppies, olives, bread
Misc: Hot Toddy Mania, and a French 77  (that place makes the best drinks ever, I do declare)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Let's All Recall Fondly.

Last night after grabbing a bite at the Hungry Tiger, stopped at the Ship Ahoy on the way home to check in on the Bleezy's game (bad idea) and then somehow ended up starting a YouTube marathon of mid-nineties hits with my Roomie.  The floodgates of memory opened.  In case anyone has forgotten, here are some hits of 1996:

Beck - Odelay
Fiona Apple - Tidal
Tupac - All Eyez on Me
Fugees - The Score
No Doubt - Tragic Kingdom
Cake - Fashion Nugget
Sublime - Sublime
Jay-Z - Reasonable Doubt
Outkast - ATLiens
Rage Against the Machine - Evil Empire

There were also a handful that were hugely successful but I have less sentimental value attached to them (Counting Crows, Dave Matthews Band, Matchbox Twenty, Spice Girls, Bush, Prince, Tool).  Tellin' ya, people: '96 was CAPS TITS for music.  This was also a strange time for my personal musical tastes.  I was caught somewhere between being really into Grateful Dead, just starting to be really into rap, but secretly wanting to be really into the pop stuff like No Doubt.  I think I evened out pretty well.  Did I forget any major ones? 

Daily Food 1/27/10
Breakfast: croissant, V8
Lunch: pasta/pesto, Tofurkey Italian sausage, fruit/veg
Snack: Larabar
Dinner:  Messy, gloppy, gluttonous burger at Hungry Tiger - Boca on foccacia, topped with soy mozzarella, garlic aoili, mushrooms, jalepenos, tomato; coleslaw
Misc: $1 tall boys @ the Tiger, bedtime bourbon, and I think there were late night snacks involved but it all gets a little fuzzy at the point we started playing "What's The Story, Morning Glory?" (which actually came out in 1995)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Total Idiot Moment.

Last night, I noticed my bottle of club soda was stamped, "Best by Mar2010 or scent".

For about five minutes, I pondered why on earth they would recommend someone smell the damn water to know if it was still good.  By scent?  What?!  Would water really smell badly?  What if I don't drink this all of these bottles by March?  Pour it out?  Seems like a waste... 

Then I realized that really it said two unrelated things:  Best by March 2010 and OR 5 Cent, as in refund.  I read the 5 as an "S" and completely ignored the OR as in "Oregon" part. 

Idiot.  I used to be smart, I swear.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tiny Tuesday: Ready For Her Closeup

Check out this awesome set from Haley of our humble little session here over the weekend:

Haley Lovett Photography

Many thanks to her for the time, kindness, and inflating a Tiny Small Cat's ego.  The pic of me is... not my finest look, but I'll let it slide because that damn beast is so attractive. 

Daily Food 1/25/10
Breakfast: Larabar; chunk of leftover club sandwich
Lunch: pasta with Tofurkey sausage, mushrooms; salad, bread
Snack: pita chips
Dinner:  veg reuben (I have perfected this!), broccoli soup

Monday, January 25, 2010

Now Somebody Thinks She's a Diva. (Not I.)

My dear friend Haley came over yesterday for a photo shoot with Tiny Small Cat.  Shocking, yes, I know, that it wasn't my idea... that's exactly the kind of thing I wold pay someone to do, but not this time!  It was all her.  In addition to being an awesome gal, she's a swell photographer.  The Beast did pretty well, but she's a cat so she doesn't do anything we want her to, ever, but hopefully H got some good shots.  I can hardly wait to see how those turn out!

Check out her site here.  

It was a darn good Sunday Funday yesterday.  Brunch at Detour Cafe, photo shoot, a quick airport drop-off, a trip to Savvy Plus ($6 yellow purse, oh hello!), happy hour with the gals at Gold Dust Meridian, hangout time with Roomie, dinner at Hungry Tiger Too.  More delicious snacks than you can shake a stick at.

Daily Food 1/24/10
Breakfast: portabello frittata, potatoes, toast, blood orange mimosa
Snack: shared cheese plate/spinach dip/baguette, hot toddy
Dinner: shared veggie reuben, sweet potato fries, polenta, club sandwich, squash wontons

Friday, January 22, 2010

This Picture is Glorious; Happy Friday.

Gorgeous.  Just... gorgeous.  

Daily Food 1/21/10
Breakfast: whole wheat bagel with Tofutti
Lunch: black beans/rice, guacamole, corn chips
Dinner: mushrooms, zucchini, red pepper, tomato sauteed with sherry over polenta
Misc: 8 starlight mints (I have no explanation for this); bedtime Hot Toddy (thanks, Roomie) 

Thursday, January 21, 2010

2012: Kill Me Now.

Woody Harrelson is awesome in everything he's ever done and was the best part about 2012. 

Seriously, folks, how has this movie been out for so long yet I did not know just how awful it was?  This movie was an absolute trainwreck!  Of course, I will see anything, especially at my favorite theater, The Academy, so I regret not the $4 exchanged for 2.5 hours of my life that I'll never get back.  Aside from the level of ridiculousness, there was something else that completely blew my mind at the movies last night:  a lady had a newborn in the theater.  WTF?  Who brings a newborn to the movies?  The little thing didn't make a peep the whole time, it would have been a whole other story if there had been any crying involved, but really, what the what?  You're tellin' me that you just HAD to see 2012, at a second-run theater, so badly that you could not arrange childcare for 3 hours?  Mind-boggling.  I think it's even out on video already!  She got up to walk the baby around several times.  I wonder if the baby was fussin' due to the impending ear drum damage or in response one of the dozens of offensive side plots. 

We died laughing the entire time.  Right outta the gate.  Surely everyone in the theater wanted to strangle us, but we couldn't help it.  Sorry, theater people.  It was too funny. 

One of my favorite parts of the movie is the scene in the grocery store, when it cracks open and Amanda Peet and her dumb plastic surgeon husband get separated on opposite sides of the giant crevice.  Here's why:  on Amanda's side of the aisle?  Cereal.  On Dr. Husband's side?  Potato Chips.  Anyone with half a brain who has ever purchased groceries in the United States knows that chips and cereal would never, not EVER, be on the same aisle.  Good to know that General Mills and Lays ponied up about a billion bucks each so this crap-tastic movie could be made, otherwise it might not have happened.  Thanks, Lucky Charms! 

Daily Food 1/20/10
Breakfast: leftover potatoes from Country Cat; toast
Lunch: green salad, baked potato with Tofutti sour cream
Snack: 1/2 blueberry bagel with Tofutti cream cheese
Dinner: Boca Burger with grilled mushrooms, coleslaw
Misc: popcorn at the movies, 1/2 corndog and a PBR at Hungry Tiger post-apocalypse 

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tiny Tuesday: Keys Open Doors

Oh, geez my dad would be thrilled to know that last night we busted out the flat piano he "loaned" me many years ago, that has been hiding in a closet ever since.  I think the Sharper Image went bankrupt about 37 seconds after he purchased it.  Good times.  Photo courtesy of Arthur.  

Daily Food 1/18/10
Breakfast: veg sausage, toast
Snack: Larabar
Lunch: Tofurkey on Good Seed, green salad, pickles
Dinner: Veggie Burger @ Bonfire ($3.50, hello), terrible Bloody Mary
Late night snack: Roomie made delicious Mexican spread (tortilla, guac, beans); Limonata

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Season Opener: Rose City Rollers @ The Expo Center

Best pic I could get with the googlephone... too fast to be captured as anything but a blur!

Holy hell, what a fun time!  I won tickets to the (sold out) season opener of the 2010 Derby season, complete with VIP passes and free drink tickets (thanks, Yelp).  I loved every second of it.  Those gals are hardcore.  One lady (White Flight of the High Rollers) was taken out on a stretcher and sent to the ER, dang!  Someone associated with her team came over to talk to my friend in the stands and said, "Eh... as long as she didn't break her neck, she's fine."  Guess so, because their website says she's all good.

Most of the female spectators were dressed how I wish I could dress every day: fishnets, kinda rockabilly, high boots, caked-on black eyeliner, big, heavy metal hair.  It was a pretty even split of guys/dolls in the crowd; I had expected it to be mostly ladies, but I was wrong.  Now that I think about it, though, of course there are going to be lots of dudes there... these chicks are HOT!

Great time.  I'll be going again for sure. 

Daily Food 1/16/10
Breakfast: veg gravy sausage on toast
Lunch/Dinner: ridiculous Reuben from Native Bowl, pickles; French Onion soup @ Humane Society fundraiser
Misc: oatmeal/raisin cookie from Dave's Killer, PBR @ the Derby!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Best Part of Wakin' Up...

Monday night, I stayed up until 2 am on IM with my friend (there may have been some bedtime bourbon involved), then got up super early and the texting began with the same gal.  It's true, though, those Folgers commercials can really get to you.  Highly emotional.  I feel the same way about Pedigree dog food commercials.  Enjoy. 

me:  Just cried at a Folgers commercial.  Also, been up for two hours and not even showered yet.  
K:  Folgers commercials are tough.  Take a shower, see how ya feel. 
me:  It's the one where a gal is like, "I'm not 16 anymore, Dad" after he cautions her about staying up too late.  Then she shows him her hand with an engagement ring on it.  Sobs! 
K:  Oh, yeah, that's a tear jerker and also it's like 30 minutes long.  
me:  Then the dad says, "Todd's a lucky man".  

Then the conversation abruptly takes a turn:

me:  You know though, Todd's a real dick for not telling her dad in the first place he was gonna give her a ring. 
K:  Todd should have stepped up to the plate.  I see a marriage of tears ahead.  
me:  It'll be a total sham and Todd's doin' the neighbor lady anyway.  Or the girl's knocked up.

And then four hours later, K texted me to see if this conversation really happened as it turned out she was sleep texting.

Daily Food 1/12/10
Breakfast: whole wheat tortilla, soy cheese slice, apple, banana
Lunch: veg club sandwich, coleslaw, squash wontons with chili sauce
Dinner: Tofurkey, avocado, soy cheese, dijon/Veganaise sandwich on wheat; almonds, pickle

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

St Frankie Lee @ Mississippi Studios

Despite Derrick being under the weather and having some vocal loss, wonderful show as always, by St Frankie Lee last night at Mississippi Studios.  My first time there- it was awesome.  I will definitely be back to that venue.  I was given the task of filming a few songs... no prob!, I said.  Flipcam.  Easy as pie.  Well, turns out I am the worst camera person in the world and at one point was filming trashcans.  Sorry 'bout that, band people.  But to make up for it, I jumped into a merch table situation and sold a CD to an older gentleman. 

Great time- crowd was diggin' it, add to the list of solid shows to prove that SFL is taking over the world. 

Tiny Tuesday: "I think she wants some privacy. "

Arthur's title (and pic), not mine. 

Daily Food 1/11/10
Breakfast: whole wheat tortilla, soy cheese; Honeycrisp apple
Snack: banana
Lunch:  Best Sandwich Ever
Dinner: hummus/veggies/blue corn chips @ Moloko; split BBQ Platter at Bye and Bye- blackeyed peas, collard greens, tofu, baguette
Misc: bedtime bourbon 

Monday, January 11, 2010

Elite Event: 2010, A Yelp Odyssey @ Someday Lounge

Photo borrowed from Kristina W., from the photo collection found here.  

Oh, hello, MMX!  Friday night, we kicked off the new year Yelp-ified at Someday Lounge in Old Town.  I have always been a fan of that place but hadn't been in a long time.  Made a beeline immediately to the food table so as to load up on snacks prior to drinks, so as to not have another Biwa situation.  Or Davis Street situation.  Or Gilt Club situation.  Dress-theme was silver/white/futuristic.  I ended up with a Sporty Spice-lookin' getup of a ridiculous silver shirtdress over black leggings and a super fly white Nike jacket Ma sent me for Christmas.  There were many, many glowstick accessories involved.  I put two bracelets in my low jacket pockets, which were glowing through the thin, white fabric and told everyone they were my "Glovaries".  It was a little too packed in there to really talk to anyone, but we had a great time. 

From there, headed to People's Sandwich of Portland (LOVE) to make sure the owner, working solo, was completely slammed, but he didn't seem to mind too much.  Big crowd of Yelpers, giant hot sandwiches, super delicious, fresh potato chips... perfect late-night meal.  Dashed through the pouring rain to Tube, where we got a little crazy and really beat up the beat!  Jersey Shore fist pump was in full effect.  I had enough of Tube pretty quickly, so my plus-one and I ducked next door to the Yes and No, a brand-new bar about the same size as Tube but not so packed.  I'll check that place out again for sure. 

One wild cab ride later, and I was snoozin' in my silver shirtdress in no time.  I also wore it to the donut shop the next morning.  2010:  it is ON. I refuse to fall prey to dress code standards of two-thousand-and-late.  For example, I rolled into Trader Joe's yesterday in filthy sweatpants, Puma slip-ons, a too-small coat, and a knit cap that only a train-jumping hobo would wear. 

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bon Voyage, Neighbs: Part II

Neighbor Neal is off to Munich!  I only cried for a little bit this morning (so far), after a brief freak-out last night gearing up for the goodbye today.  I considered continuing to pretend he was not leaving today, but alas, reality beckoned.  We had a wonderfully awesome farewell dinner last night at Portobello, where we had been wanting to go for ages.  The food was ridiculously good.  The service was weird.  All said and done, though- a great dinner. 

We had (amongst five of us): 

Olives, Bagna Couda , mushroom pate 

Winter Risotto
Portobello Steak w Yukon mashed potatoes
Gnocchi w Brussels sprouts and butternut squash sauce
Squash ravioli
Tomato-braised kale

Tiramisu, chocolate cake, and we also indulged in some Hip Chicks Do Wine

Daily Food 1/6/10
Breakfast: Everything bagel, Earth Balance
Lunch: Veggie Reuben, coleslaw, a few tots
Dinner: shared everything above 
Misc: Bon Voyage bubbly with Neal

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tiny Tuesday: Box It Up

New favorite place to hang out - open boxes.  She sort of slides into them a little bit and is then surprised when she can't get out.  I never said she was smart.  

Daily Food 1/4/10
Breakfast: roasted potatoes, huge Honeycrisp apple, banana
Lunch: curried split pea soup, Toby's tofu pate, crackers
Dinner: Field Roast on whole wheat with dijon, pita chips, pickle
Misc: Hot Toddys for Estelle's bday, handful o' tots

Monday, January 4, 2010

So Long, Christmas.

One last Christmas pic.  Very blurry, very festive.  

I'm super sad the holidays are over.  Took down most of the Christmas and New Year's decorations last night, and the apartment/slum looks naked and sad.  But Valentine's decorations are coming soon!  Plus, Emilie said we can decorate for President's Day (she loves an excuse to bust out the American Flag headbands). 

Daily Food 1/3/10
Breakfast: roasted potatoes, toast
Lunch: roasted tomato soup
Dinner: curried split pea soup; baguette, baba ganouj
Misc: hot toddy! 

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Peace Out, Cheese.

It's official, I am back on the vegan kick.  Not that I eat badly, but something's gotta give.  I already eat vegan about 90% of the time anyway, and I told a couple of friends that I would join them on the 21-Day Kickstart.  This morning, I was re-acquainted with Skinny Bitch, a very funny book I read last December that led me to say "Peace Out, Cheese" the first time around.  I'd recommend this book to anyone- vegan or meat-eaters alike, for an easy, hilarious read about what's in our food.  It's not a fluffy diet book at all.  Those bitches certainly aren't counting calories, they just push eating well ("Life without lasagne isn't a life worth living," they say...). 

Few things bug me more than Righteous Vegans making social commentary on other people's plates.  So please slap me if I ever do that.  

Daily Food 1/2/10
Breakfast: steel-cut oats, dried cranberries, almonds
Lunch: bagel sandwich (Tofutti/Tofurkey slices)
Snack: homemade guac, baba ganouj, salsa; corn and pita chips
Dinner: veggie burger, fries (half regular, half yam!)
Misc: Hot Toddy with the gals; a bedtime bourbon 

Friday, January 1, 2010

Obligatory New Year's Post

Every party needs a pooper, that's why we invited you!  

So much talk this week of saying goodbye to 2009.  I know a ton of people who have nothing good to say about the last year, claiming it was terrible.  Not I, dear reader.  Oh-Nine was awesome.  While there were some tragic events and hard times (deaths, serious family issues, health problems), gotta declare 2009 one of the best ever - possibly The Year of AB.  Emilie moved in (Best Roommate Ever), we got a Tiny Small Cat, I finished my program at PSU, I've grown leaps and bounds professionally (after being suddenly, solely responsible for an entire department back in June when my then-boss got fired, 13-hour work days for months...), and I made many new and awesome friends.  One person in particular continues to astound me daily with his awesome-ness.  A more interesting, smart, and funny individual may not exist.  It's been a whirlwind few months; all signs point to love-drunk.

I don't really remember ever having a better time than I did in '09.

Probably the biggest personal accomplishment was getting to know myself for the first time in many, many years.  I spent five years (and what should have been the best chunk of my 20s) basically not doing shit, for a guy.  Settled for less than I deserved.  Was stagnant.  Had no idea for all those years how a gal should be treated, which I do know now, thankfully.  That relationship actually ended in '08, leaving my independence, confidence, and self-worth completely shot, but I didn't really begin to crawl out of that hole until early '09, several months later.  Five years is a long time!  Kinda had a delayed reaction to that one.  While tempting to write out some of the copious examples of how that particular relationship put my sense of self right in the toilet, instead I'll say what I learned from that was: 1. Only surround myself with positive people, 2. Never again let another person hold me back, and 3. That life's too short to sit around doing nothing.  Some people are fine with that; I am not, and will never make those mistakes again.

Once I'd accepted those three things, I took it and ran with it, doing more awesome stuff in the last year than I did in the previous six, probably exponentially.  No joke.  Confidence?  Through the roof.  Self-worth?  Check.  New outlook on life?  Yes, please.  Taking advantage of every moment?  I'm all over it.

2010, or, as I prefer to say, "MMX", is gonna rule.  RULE.  No doubt about it.