Friday, February 26, 2010

Wild, Wild West Countdown

Ohh, countdown is on.  Happy Friday, hope it's a good and quick one for everyone.  Leaving tomorrow morning to head up to Bremerton to watch our fair RCR traveling team, Wheels of Justice, represent at the Wild West Roller Derby Tournament.  So super excited.  There will be car snacks involved, several stops on the way up in weird towns, and drinking out of plastic cups in the hotel.  Gonna be great. 

Daily Food 2/25/10
Breakfast: bagel/cream cheese
Lunch: green salad, cup of veg soup from Bob's Red Mill, garlic roll
Dinner: Papa G's salad bar/BBQ tofu, 1/2 vegan brownie, cashew/blueberry live "yogurt"
Misc: 1/2 green Kombucha drink

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Team Taffy Town Takes Trivia

The famous totchos.

A little trivia session last night proved to be more fun than anticipated!  Oaks Bottom, one of the Lompoc spots, was a wee bit too busy to have a server out back, where we were seated.  Getting the heat lamp on an running was touch and go for a bit, but it all worked out.  It got off to a late start, but it was fun and Team Taffy Town was the victor, yeah!  Oh, and we didn't have to pay for our beer or food (thanks, Yelp).

Oaks Bottom Public House is an a'ight place.  I have gone to many, many work lunches there.  It's probably my favorite of all of the New Old Lompoc locations.  The beer is pretty good if you're in the mood for that.  They have screamin' happy hour deals on the weekends and 4-6/10-close weekdays.  I'd check out the trivia again (Katie Shimer of the Portland Mercury hosts), but note for next time: the 7:30 pm start time is a lie, it was at least 8:30 before the 30-question game started.  Fun time with fun folks. 

Daily Food 2/24/10
Breakfast: dark rye toast, V8
Lunch: veg burrito from El Palenque
Dinner: split a Boca burger/tots at trivia; 1/2 a C-Note, 1/2 a Porter
Misc: very strange 'hot toddy' that was more like 90% lemonade, few bites of some sour candies

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Crazies

Left:  Josh.  Right: Timothy.


Last night, attended an advance screening of The Crazies at Fox Tower (thanks, Yelp).  I was super scared to see this movie, as I foolishly entered to get the tickets before seeing the trailer, didn't realize it was a scary one.  Luckily, my gal pal Haley came with and we only had to hold hands a couple of times.  There were definitely parts that were scary, we jumped or yelled out a few times, but other parts were so silly, the whole theater was in stitches.  We were right behind the critic's row and I desperately wished I could see what they were writing down.  It was your basic pandemic/zombie/gore combination... lotsa blood, lotsa shooting, lotsa (not intentionally) funny one-liners.  Timothy Olyphant plays the lead , but I kept thinking he was Josh Duhamel the whole time, that really threw me off.  Haley said she thought it was Johnny Knoxville.  That would have made for a way better flick, actually. 

Daily Food 2/23/10
Breakfast: soy cheese melted on dark rye, V8
Lunch: green salad with oranges/almonds, smoked salmon* on baguette with capers, salad roll
Snack: Luna bar
Dinner: nada. 

*WTF?  Random. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Brutal Beauty

Last night, attended a free screening of Brutal Beauty: Tales of The Rose City Rollers at the Doug Fir.  I had tears in my eyes the entire time.  It was an awesome documentary, showcasing this current modern derby revival (which they say happens about every 10 years, although this time around, it seems like it's sticking), the Portland league, and the teams within it.  They put the spotlight on a handful of All-Stars (who are also on the traveling team, Wheels of Justice), telling their stories of how they came to be Roller Girls and what it's meant for them.  The phrase "Roller Derby saved my soul" comes up often. 

Listening them talk about how the sport is both an outlet for creativity, anger management, and therapeutic release is very touching.  Many walks of life are represented in the group of about 200 ladies involved with the league - older, younger, short, tall, skinny, fat, librarians, social workers, teachers, massage therapists...  a varied group that has come together and bound by an admirable camaraderie.  It's also always fun seeing our fair city on the big screen.  The High Rollers coach works at Voodoo and cutely uses donuts to explain how the game works.  The movies uses footage of last year's season through October and premiered in January of this year, and includes trips to the Bay Area and Denver (sweet shot of Colfax Avenue - holler!).  One roller featured, Bunny Lepowski, passed away unexpectedly in November and this Thursday's showing of The Big Lebowski at the Laurelhurst Theater is a benefit to raise money to send to her family. 

Highly recommend the flick, which I am going to purchase if anyone would like to borrow it.  Support your local derby!  Tickets are about $15, which is a bit steep, I know, but I assure you that no one is making money off of the derby... they are 100% DIY, and they actually pay dues to compete.  That money goes right back into putting on awesome bouts and into the community, most bouts are matched up with a cause.  I've got my tickets to the March 13 bout at the Hangar... get 'em while they're available!  

Tiny Tuesday: Happy Cat-Versary!

Another pic from Haley's collection, site found here.  

One year ago this past Sunday marked the first anniversary of the day Tiny moved in.  Boy, she was a wreck back then, too.  Poor little thing was all sickly and skinny, had some ear infection, plus she had the farts really bad.  That first day we brought her home, she hid in a bathroom drawer for most of the night.  She's right as rain now!  A perfect bill of health, according to the vet last week.  If you are in the market for your own little companion, I'd suggest you go here

Daily Food 2/22/10
Breakfast: Pumpernickel with veggie cream cheese, V8
Lunch: Whole wheat pasta salad with blue cheese and grapes from Bob's Red Mill; celery sticks.
Dinner:  Udon soup, tofu dengaku, pear/daikon salad, ginseng hot toddy from Biwa
Misc:  Manhattan at the Doug Fir

Monday, February 22, 2010

Manic Monday?

New week!  Operation Drown Sorrows in Movies shall continue tonight at the Doug Fir, for a free screening of The Rose City Rollers' movie, Brutal Beauty.  Also, new, more strict fitness plan and diet starting today.  Operation Drown Sorrows in Bourbon is officially over, luckily that was short-lived. 

Daily Food 2/21/10
Brunch: omelet with cheddar/tempeh, potatoes, sourdough toast, bloody marys
Dinner: Mediterranean Club (tofu, hummus, olives, veggies), green salad at BOG
Misc: bedtime bourbon

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I Love Portland/Movie Madness

Looks like Tiny, no?

Yesterday, at some point about halfway through Operation Keep AB Occupied, Roomie and Matt E and I found ourselves at the Friendliest Coffee Shop on the Planet, Flying Cat on Division.  We had a little time to kill before lining up in the barber chairs at Rudy's.  The woman working (owner?) may be the happiest woman alive (and here I thought I was).  We got a grand VIP welcome.  They happened to be doing a Haiti benefit and a young guy was just taking a seat on the couch with a guitar.  Oh, groan, I thought... really not in the mood to listen to some emo dude with his dumb guitar.  Boy, was I wrong.  He was awesome.  Incredible voice.  I only had $2 to throw down, but if I'd had more cash on me, I would have sunk it all.  Happy Lady invited us back for more music, food, and drinks in the evening.  If all this weren't enough, the entire place is cat-themed, bathroom sign even reads "Litter Box".  So, basically, I'm in love with this place. 

We had a great time, and drinking our delicious coffees, I had to blurt out, "Goddamnit, I love this damn town".  You set out with no plan at the beginning of the day and you just stumble upon stuff like this all the time.  You can park your car in any number of neighborhoods, start walking, and you're guaranteed to find all kinds of fun.  Portland rules.  I never want to leave. 

On to movies and the Beer And Movie (BAM!) Fest happening this month at theaters and brewpubs all over town (again, I love this damn town).  On Monday, we caught Alien, and today will be seeing Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia.  I'm super excited.  Last night, I was in utter awe watching The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus.  Tom Waits as the devil was amazing.  Tomorrow night, there's a free showing of the Rose City Rollers documentary at the Doug Fir.  Tuesday, I've got passes to an advance screening (thanks, Yelp) of The Crazies at the Fox Tower.  Really shoulda looked at that trailer first before entering to win those... it looks terrifying. 

Friday, February 19, 2010

Eat a Thermometer/Pajama Jeans

This is what happens when the blood sugar is too low, trying to get a lunch plan together at work:

12:05 PM AW: Whats for lunch!?!
 me: I was just IMing you the same thing. 
 AW: I was thinking about walking to the deli... BUT open to suggestion. 
12:06 PMme: I will go anywhere!
 AW: K, let's go to Sassy's. 
12:07 PMme: Haha Sassy's...  NO.  But I would do Big Town Hero, the coffee shop... or we can go further if you want. 
 AW: I am going to eat my arm. 
12:08 PM
me: Yeah, I am starving. 
 AW: I already snarfed a half box of Triscuits, stomach's an abyss today. 
12:09 PM me: Hmm, wherever shall we go...?
 Angela: Besides your moms?
 me:  My mom does make a mean lunch. AW:  Nice!  Let's go to Denver... what's that, like a 6 hr drive?  Or like 30 hrs?  
12:10 PM
 me: Haha, about 20 hrs.  
 AW: Oooh, right. 
 me: So, right in the middle of what you guessed. 
 AW:  Of course it is.  Big Town Hero is fine, it's cheap.  No pressure.  Just sayin'. 
12:12 PM me:  Hmm, can't think... suddenly forgotten all restaurants that exist in this town. 
 me: Good lord, woman, FOCUS!  Bob's Red Mill, Cha Cha Cha... Lovecup?
 AW: I'm good with whatevs- oh, and on a diff subject... S wore the pajama jeans today... did she show you?!
12:13 PMme: Haha, no, not yet.  But I want 'em bad! 
 AW: Oh yeah? 
 me: I thought about it all night last night, dreamed about them, too. 
12:14 PM me: Why do I have a craving for tuna salad? 
 AW: I have TUNA. 
 me: That makes no sense, must be runnin' low on mercury. 
 me: We need to eat, this is insanity...  Dear God, help us. 
 AW: Let's go.  NOW. 
 me: This IM is going on the blog.
 AW: Who gives a shit, let's GO!        *Not sure what this is about.   

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blast from the Past, Prom Dress Edition

The long pink one in the middle.

I recently cleaned out some old garment bags and took a bunch of items to sell at my fav store, Savvy Plus.  I had asked that anything they didn't want be donated - they don't even mess around with Goodwill, everything goes straight to Dress for Success and/or the prom dress program for younger girls (sorry, name is escaping me at the moment), so I was unsure what they actually took from all of my items. 

Then I walked in on Sunday and looked up - there was my prom dress, hanging high above my head.  It took me a moment to put that one together.  Ha!  My prom dress!  Hanging up for sale in a shop!  Kind of a funny feeling.  I was surprised they took that one, too... it's a bit on the small side for Savvy. 

Tiny Tuesday: Crazed and Confused

 My mother sent this toy out for the beast, and she's been in KILL mode ever since.  

Three-day bday weekend continued yesterday, starting with a downtown foodcart meet up, trip to Powell's, walking all over the Pearl,  Alberta, and I saw Alien for the first time.  It was pointed out to me that I, like Sigourney Weaver, would also have gone back for the cat. 

Daily Food 12/15/10
Breakfast: Burger from DC Vegetarian, choc chip cookie
Lunch: BBQ Platter from Bye and Bye (bbq tofu, blackeyed peas, collard greens) 
Dinner: Pizza and an IPA at the Academy Theater, BAM Fest
Misc: ginger ale, hot toddys

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Roller Derby Girls, Will You Be My Valentine?

You can't tell in the photo that the entire thing is on fire... but I assure you, it was.  

Birthday weekend kicked off yesterday with lunch at Holman's with Roomie, then we started poppin' bottles around 3 before heading out to the derby, High Rollers vs. Guns N Rollers at the Hangar at Oaks Park.  It was so ridiculously fun, I still can't really believe it happened.  We scored a whole row of chairs, under the scoreboard, in an otherwise completely packed place.  $3.50 PBRs was a little steep, but boy oh boy was it a good time.  My derby fever reached new heights last night. 

It was a great bout... started with GNR absolutely clobbering the High Rollers, but they came back and rallied!  GNR won, but it ended up being pretty close!  Awkward moment when I realized my BFF Matt E and I were rooting for opposite teams, haha!  It was so awesome. 

From there, we headed to C Bar (shocking, I know) for some drinks and snacks.  C Bar gave me a special dessert that was ON FIRE!  It was a bourbon-soaked bread pudding (they know me so well), topped with ice cream and finely shredded green apple, an on top they'd placed a boozed-soaked sugar cube and lit the entire dang thing on fire.  Amazing. 

Back to the Gladstone Slums to pop some more bottles and open gifties... my friends really spoiled me.  I even got a gift (and card) from Todd, the fictional and unseen character from the Folgers commercial that recently made me cry.  That one's kind of an inside joke, but a hilarious one at that.  Roomie bought me the What's The Story, Morning Glory? record that I have been yammering on about since 1995, but more so very recently as I've had some kind of Oasis-love revival.  Seahag and Walrus gave me some one-of-a-kind, made-just-for-AB roller skate earrings that are super, super badass.  St. Frankie Lee made me a tiny Tiny. 

I feel beyond blessed!  So many wonderful gifts and good times with people I love - best night ever.  

Friday, February 12, 2010

Oh, hello, magical sunset.

Super sweet pic from last weekend's coast trip, courtesy of Hoot. 

It's been a long, long, long week.  And this weekend is shaping up to be the best weekend ever.  Tomorrow night, going to see the Rose City Rollers - sold out bout!  I have derby fever, big time.

Daily Food 2/11/10
Breakfast: dark rye toast, veggie cream cheese, honeycrisp apple
Lunch: organico (tempeh) tacos, beans/rice from Cha Cha Cha
Dinner: Tofurkey on rye with pesto spread, pickles, pistachios

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tiny Tuesday: Paint it Black

Super sweet artist's rendition of The Beast by Arthur. 

Daily Food 2/8/10
Breakfast: Dave's Killer toast, banana, V8
Lunch: quinoa salad, green salad, mushroom Boca patty on dark rye w/ soy mozz
Dinner: Vegan mac n chz, sauteed spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes
Misc: Mahalo bar; pomegranite juice

Friday, February 5, 2010

Speaking of Tulips...


Daily Food 2/4/2010
Breakfast: Acme donut (vegan raised with chocolate glaze)
Lunch: burrito bowl: black beans, rice, salsa, peppers, guacamole
Dinner: split a cheese plate with Matt E, hot toddys
Snack: salt and pepper pistachios 

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Hour Concerts!

Ascetic Junkies are playing early HH shows at the Laurelthirst every Wednesday this month.  For free!  Last night, we were so lucky to catch a set that also featured Chelsea, Derrick, and Kay of St. Frankie Lee.  It was like SFL: Raw and Uncut, being only the three of them.  They did a great job as usual, including a super sweet cover of "Fresh Prince of Bel Air", that may not have been as funny without Derrick's intro, which threw everyone off thinking it was going to be a deeply touching personal account of a friend of his in Philly.  Hadn't been to the Laurelthirst in many years, it was a'ight!  Would go again.  From there, we headed back to SE and grabbed some treats at Tart, super delicious as always.

This is a sweet video from a couple of years ago - they've come a long way since this!  Also note that this is only 3/5 of the band.  

The Ascetic Junkies at St. Johns Bridge from The Penny Jam on Vimeo.

Daily Food 2/3/2010
Breakfast: Dave's Killer toast, apple, pistachios
Lunch: big green salad, baguette
Dinner: veggie burger and salad, 2 Miller High Lifes
Misc: Tart fro-yo at Tart, donut sample

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tiny Tuesday: Never Too Late!

Holy smokes, I almost forgot to post Tiny Tuesday today!  Well, here's a pic of the Beast.  She's written me off for a new feather toy I picked up at Salty's last weekend for $0.85  Small price to pay to have her leave me alone for awhile.  Thank God. 

Daily Food 2/1/10
Breakfast: Lisanatti soy cheese melted on a tortilla, V8
Lunch: lemongrass ramen soup 
Dinner: veggie reuben on black rye, carrots/celery/pickles
Snack: pistachios; pomegranite juice/club soda