Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Flashback: Super Bowl XXIV, 1990

Walking through Uncle Tony's Treasure Chest last weekend, I spotted a dusty Super Bowl XXIV wall hanging and remembered this little gem.  

January 28, 1990.  Bigger than Christmas, bigger than Jesus.  Got up at the crack of dawn to start the pre-game festivities.  The San Francisco 49ers were seeking a second straight Super Bowl win, and the Denver Broncos were hoping to avoid a fourth Super Bowl loss.

My pops spent at least an hour fiddling with the bunny ears (and foil) trying to get TV reception.  It was touch and go there for a while as we could not pick up the signal, but my wiring genius father rigged it successfully, cords all over and snakes of foil tacked up to the wall.  We were all set up in our Broncos gear surrounded by the most delicious of snacks on every possible surface.  Amped, and along with everyone else in the state, banking on King Elway to bring it.

My mother had made for us these funny little toys from old pantyhose and stuffing, with faces on them, their purpose intended to be like a stress ball, or something to throw when emotions started to run high, without breaking anything.  Ref made a bad call?  Instead of punching your sibling in the face, just throw the harmless toy at the boob tube.  A fine idea, it was.

Finally settled with the antennae situation squared away, the family took our places on the couch and got ready to get our football on, even Ma, who really didn't care for any of these shenanigans.  Super Bowl was in New Orleans that year, Aaron Neville sang the national anthem and the game began.  I wanted to test out my squishy toy, the pantyhose Anger Management Creature.  So I cranked back my arm and gave it a throw, right at the TV, which I missed entirely but hit the bunny ears spot-on and knocked the whole goddamn contraption apart and the images of America's favorite sport turned to snow. 

Now, while the Donkeys seriously blew this game, I mean really blew it hard - a bigger point spread has yet to happen in Super Bowl history, with the 49ers winning 55 to 10, you can guess, dear reader, who everyone was more pissed at.  In my defense: if you give a someone a throw toy, she's probably going to throw it.

Once we got reception back and watched The Saddest Super Bowl of All Time, the Broncos just sucking more and more, eventually I was blamed for cursing our beloved team, when everyone had run out of other scapegoats.  But I just ran this story by brother Nino earlier tonight, and am pleased to report that he remembers not my ruining anything because the shame of the Bronco's performance that day overshadows all else, and continues to haunt him 20 years later.  I think I'm finally off the hook.

Tiny Tuesday: Claws Out

It is still raining cats and dogs! I love the rain, so no complaints from me.

Last night, went to trivia at Ella St Social Club. I like what they've done with the place! Hadn't been there since the change of hands. The trivia itself, while very slow-going, was fun but my goodness, some of those questions were ridiculous. Not answers that normal folks know, IMO. But our team (The Air Mattresses) did ok, not the best but not the worst. I somehow managed to bring it for a few questions but I will forever and ever be ashamed that I missed the Edith Wharton/House of Mirth question. A great example of things I learned in college that have since vanished out of my brain. Even if I'd forgotten about the book, I've still seen the movie, for Pete's sake (very strange roles for Gillian Anderson and Dan Aykroyd).

Speaking of Pete- there is going to be Seinfeld trivia night at Peter's 19th Hole on Fremont this Saturday, any takers?  Pretty confident I could storm Seinfeld trivia. 

Daily Food 3/29/10
Breakfast: whole grain toast, strawberries
Lunch: mini Tofurkey sandwich w/ mustard, cold curried rice salad w/ tofu and veggies
Snack: a Balance bar, some trail mix
Misc: kombucha; a bourbon at trivia
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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Flashback: Spelling Bee, 1991

Rolling around with Eagar the other day, I was struck by a sudden memory flashback.  Can't remember exactly what sparked it, but I think it had something to do with hosiery, because I was instantly transported back in time, remembering a super sweet outfit I wore to a multi-school, statewide spelling bee I had worked my way up the ranks to be able to attend.

We typically got clothes from one of the following places: donation bin from church, Goodwill, hand-me-downs from neighbors.  But I for this monumental occasion, I got to pick an outfit out from none other than the Burlington Coat Factory in Aurora, CO.  It was a hideous tan shift/jumper-type of dress that I wore over a white t-shirt, but the best part were the white, knee-high stockings. 

Spelling may be my only marketable skill.  I came out of the womb reading at a college level, which did not help me win any friends the day I had visited my new school, which happened to be reading testing day.  No one talked to me after some test administrator had to go to his car to get additional materials to give me.  I may not be too smart, but reading and spelling were always super easy, and the bees?  What a joke.  I laughed in the face of spelling bees, probably pointed and laughed when other kids fouled out.

This particular bee was way across town and we had to be bussed in.  It was in a huge church complex, the kind with multiple buildings.  I was both extremely pleased with and highly concerned about my outfit, fidgeting with my knee-high, white stockings the entire time. Far too busy fussing with my hosiery, my attention was elsewhere, and I'd already mentally hung my blue ribbon up on the wall anyway. 

Then it comes time for my turn.  I stood forward and began to spell, just waiting for everyone to be equally as impressed with my outfit as my pedantic tendencies. 


And before I knew what was happening, a buzzer had sounded and I was told I had spelled the word, bicycle, wrong, and that I was out.  Dumbfounded, I tried to remain poised as the kid behind me got his chance with my word.  I still didn't know what I had spelled wrong.  Then the kid says carefully,

"I... C... I...CLE." 

I just about burst into tears.  I blew the whole spelling bee because I was playing with my knee socks and heard "Bicycle" instead of "Icicle".  Amazing.  Automatically incorrect by the very first letter.  I learned my lesson and never blew another one of those again, but I think I may have (unforgivably) worn a beret to the next one.

Library Love

It had been way too long since I set foot in the downtown library.  I used to stop in there once or twice a week when I lived downtown, and regularly spent Saturday afternoons there as there was always some fun cultural event happening, whether that be a photo exhibition or concert (yes, they have concerts sometimes... in the quiet place!).  Such a gorgeous building.  Stopped in yesterday during a walking tour of downtown Portland, a day filled with many trips down memory lane.

When I first moved here, sight unseen, not knowing a soul, I lived on SW 17th and Morrison, near PGE Park.  My world was the bubble between PGE Park and PSU, with the library right smack in the middle.  And I didn't have any student loans that first couple of quarters, so I was dirt poor and quickly figured out all of the very cheapest meals and free stuff to do between home and school.  The library was a main hangout, and after checking in yesterday, my Library Love was reignited.  Review here

Daily Food 3/27/10
Breakfast: bagel/cream cheese
Lunch: house-made veggie burger/fries at Bridgeport, fancy wine-cooler beverage
Dinner: Tofurkey/soy cheese on ciabatta sandwich
Misc: French 75, pomegranite juice

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Few More St Jeezy Photos

Who would have guessed Slim's has kick ass mimosas for five bucks?
The costume counter at Pattie's on Lombard
Proprietor of Sabi and Friend's warned us if we'd spent the winter face down in wet grass, our faces would look like this, too.
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Friday, March 26, 2010

Turns Out, Gallery Openings are Awesome.

Last night, attended a show opening for my coworker's BF, Noel, at the Talisman Gallery on Alberta- what a great time!  The gallery itself was bright and friendly and we really enjoyed looking at his stuff.  There was one painting in particular that looked like an EKG that I really liked.  We cruised up and down Alberta on foot, despite the nasty weather, and grabbed a bite at Bye and Bye, too. 

Pretty excited to be with computer again.  It was delivered to my office yesterday and I somehow managed to last all day without opening the box until I got home.  I have yet to actually set everything up and start downloading some programs, and have already managed to unsuccessfully install itunes (how hard is it?).

It's been a really long and hard week at work, total crazytown.  Just get through today... 

Daily Food 3/25/10
Breakfast: whole grain toast, fruit salad
Lunch: big salad, asparagus/tarragon/potato salad, hunk of bread
Snack: kombucha, 1/2 vegan brownie
Dinner: tofu/black eyed peas/collard greens plate, Ginger Ale

Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Recap/No Computer

Laptop officially died.  Was without computer all weekend.  Spent first half of Saturday in a ball, fetal position, under the bed.  Turns out, I can get a lot done when I'm not on the computer for several hours straight!  Laundry, scrubbed the toilet, mopped the kitchen, took about four loads of trash to the dumpster, etc.  Then, Eagar to Entertain picked me up around noon and we headed to St John's for the day with Estelle and her roommate.  Awesome time had by all, bar crawl started at Slim's and culminated at The Fixin' To.  There was bocce ball and a bar cat involved.  Wrapped up the evening at Hollywood Bowl for a bday party.  Sunday Funday?  Lovely ladies' time with my Roomie, who I had not seen in a month.  We listened to tunes until way too late and adored the Tiny Cat. 

Must get computer.  Today.  I don't think I can hold out very long.

Oh, and I started watching "Deadwood".  So far, reminds me of one of my favorite books, "Welcome to Hard Times", a tiny little piece by EL Doctorow, before he hit it big with "Ragtime".

Daily Food 3/21/10
Breakfast: Tofurkey/soy cheese on a bagel
Snack:  hummus/olives/baguette at NightLight
Dinner: Gardenburger, green salad
Misc: Mimosas, bedtime hot toddy

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Not Quite The Spaghetti of My Youth.

I recall trips to The Old Spaghetti Factory during childhood as being the best days of the entire year.  I even called my brother, Nino, yesterday to confirm this.  He was wildly jealous that when I called last night, I was on my way to the ole factory.  I assured him I didn't think it was quite the same as it used to be.  The occasion?  A work dinner with a large group of people in from all over, and that was where they picked.  NBD, I can roll with the punches.  It was a nice time talking with all of them and finally putting some faces to names. 

But I gotta be honest, that.  food.  is.  awful.  And I made the royal mistake of looking up the nutritional content.  Holy hell, don't ever look if you want to eat there again.  Example:  the side of broccoli dish has 58 g of fat.  That's more than I do in an entire day.  Just sayin'.  I had the full OSF experience, minus the spumoni at the end and tried to recall the many, many birthdays spent there as a kiddo, back in Denver, where it actually was in an old factory, a little different than Clackamas Mall. 

Daily Food 3/16/10
Breakfast: Luna bar, apple, supergreen juice
Lunch: ginger seitan/tofu, spinach/strawberry salad, artichoke dip, crackers (hello, free catered lunch!)
Dinner: salad with pesto dressing (big mistake), spaghetti/marinara, bread, A to Z Pinot Noir, half of my coworker's sherbet. 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tiny Tuesday: Pretty In Pink

The Beast has taken a liking to a leather chair in my bedroom she has never, not one time, ever paid attention to before.  Now it's the only place to be.  Go figure.

Related:  I put a chair in the dumpster last night and I feel really badly about that, for wasting a chair that surely someone would've wanted and would have been good as new if reupholstered.  So, I'm going to put the other two out front today, if anyone would like them.

Daily Food 3/15/10
Breakfast: Luna bar, supergreen juice
Lunch: Thom Kha soup (Annie's- who knew that came in a can?!)
Snack: wasabi almonds
Dinner: vegetable stew, apple/peanut butter, ginger ale

Monday, March 15, 2010

St Jeezy

I love, love, love St John's and if it weren't the exact opposite direction from work, I'd probably have moved up there ages ago.  Yesterday, had some park time at Cathedral, headed to the taco shop, walked around a bit, grabbed a Bud Light at the Wishing Well, and generally kicked it.  Good times.

About a year ago, I'd seen the most adorable house up there, right off of Lombard, with a wrap-around front porch, a back yard, even a little picket fence.  I thought, hey- totally doable for a rental.  Price tag?  $1500/month.  Dang.  Not doable.  So much for St John's prices! 

Daily Food 3/14/10
Lunch: big salad bar, potatoes/mushroom gravy from Papa G's
Snack: scoop of gelato
Dinner: Seitan sandwich, Ginger Rodgers drink at Vita Cafe
Misc: kombucha

Sunday, March 14, 2010

High Rollers FTW!

Awesome bout last night at the Hangar!  It came down to one point, one second.  Everyone went nuts, we were screaming and yelling and jumping and hugging.  The High Rollers' Madame Bumpsalot deftly scored five points on the final jam of the night, for a final score of 113 to 112, beating the Heartless Heathers. 

If you have a second, check out the High Rollers website and make sure the sound is on so you can hear the fun music/maniacal laughter that plays.  

I spent half the game being ultra-concerned about a tiny dog that people were passing around and who was kickin' it in one of the benched Heathers' purses, its little head peeking out.  At one point, the dog was handed off to the gal who skates around holding up the score and I almost had a heart attack imagining the little rat jumping out of the purse and getting rolled over.  But all this fretting for nothing- the tiny dog was fine and I was the only person worried about it. 

Daily Food 3/13/10
Brunch: vegan breakfast burrito (tofu/black beans), hashbrowns, bloody marys at Tube
Dinner: split hummus plate and mac n cheese at C Bar, Manhattans
Misc: Red Vines, Milk Duds at the Derby, diet Peach Snapple, Coke

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Last night, headed down to the Hangar at Oaks Park for a scrimmage between Portland's Guns 'N Rollers and the Emerald City's (Eugene, OR) Skatesaphrenics.  Yet again, I was brought to tears by the national anthem.  Every damn time, I swear.  I dunno what programming glitch in my brain occurred during childhood relating to that song but seriously:  every damn time.  Prior to the game kicking off, I'd had my eye on a little baby rollergirl, wearing her Rosebuds (the young girls' league) sweatshirt and neon-striped knee socks, hanging out near the sidelines.  She looked totally badass but also nervous.  When they led her out into the middle of the track and I realized it was going to be her singing, I just about swooned, she was so adorable.  Not only did she get through the song, which is not an easy song to sing, she killed it!  I stuck my hand over my heart and let the waterworks flow.  It was amazing.

It was a pretty rough bout!  Much rougher than the other games I've attended.  There were some pretty epic falls.  GNR dominated, as usual, and the crowd was great.  It was as full in there as a regular bout, and for only five bucks!  There was a little girl in a GNR shirt with her name on the back, Sidelines Sarah, acting as cheerleader, jumping out of her seat and running back and forth in front of the bleachers with devil horns raised, shouting "G AND R!  G AND R!" getting everyone excited.  A boy about her age was dressed as Slash, wig and all.  Good times.  Couple of awesome shirts that I saw:  My Wife Can Kick Your Wife's Ass and God Hates Techno. 

Daily Food 3/12/10
Breakfast: grapefruit, corn muffin
Lunch: Mousetrap sandwich (no idea why it is called that) - avocado, cream cheese, tomato, sunflower seeds, sprouts on wheat; popcorn
Dinner: big salad with tons of veggies, leftover root veg stew
Misc: 2 diet cokes, a tall boy PBR at the derby

Friday, March 12, 2010

Cat Fight! Kind of...

The dearest darling Molly-cat showed up on my porch last night, being a lovely lovey as always.  Tiny was in the front windowsill keeping an eye on the love-fest, none too pleased about it.  Molly jumped up on the windowsill.  They were eye to eye.  Molly didn't even see The Beast, she's way too relaxed to be concerned.  That crazy beast has not a care in the world, she just runs around like a wild cheetah all day long.   

Tiny.  Flipped.  Out.  It was hysterical because a window separated the two... it's not as if she could really get at Molly in any way, but threw up fisticuffs all the same.  She was slapping the window and howling maniacally!  Ahh, good times at the Gladstone Slums.  Free entertainment!

Daily Food 3/11/10
Breakfast: bagel/cream cheese, apple
Snack: vegan carrot macaroon
Lunch: veggie sandwich from Big Town Hero, baked Lays
Dinner: amazing root vegetable stew and corn muffins

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Elite Event: Yelp Rocks the Woods

Yet another fabulous and fun time had by all last night at The Woods, a place I have been meaning to check out for some time!  It's in Sellwood, a former funeral home, that's been turned into a bar/music venue.  It's still got a touch of that funeral-home feel to it.  I will absolutely check that place out again, plus it's right smack between my office and home. 

The themes of the party last night were mix tapes and concert shirts.  I dropped copies of my mix, "The Gladstone Slum Apartments Greatest Hits, Rap Edition" all over that party.  My plus-one and coworker, Angela, shouted "Overachiever!" at me.  Really, only one copy was needed to participate in the exchange, but I was having too much fun with it the night before and had seven copies.  And the fates aligned when it came time for me to reach in the bag and pull out a mix:  my hot little hands gravitated to a CD covered with kitten stickers that said "Pussy Control 5000". 

Tons of really excellent concert tees.  Winners for best included a super sick shirt that had Prince AND The Fresh Prince on it and Hanson.  Wearer of the Prince/Prince shirt spilled a fair amount of wine in my brand-new shoe.  Our Community Manager, Don B, and I were wearing the same shirt.  On one hand, I was bummed that someone else was rocking' Run DMC, but on the other, it just made it that much more awesome.  So, hats off to both of us, I guess. 

As usual, the time flew by, I didn't get to talk to hardly anyone I'd wanted to, and before I knew it, party was over.  We hit Cosmos (formerly Pogo's) after for a quick beer and a few rounds of Sopranos pinball; Estelle (in her Hole t-shirt) beat me big time.  Love that game. 

Sadly, due to what I initially blamed on 'computer error' but admit now must have really been 'user error', all of my awesome photos from the event are gone.  GONE!  So sad.  Hopefully Don B got some good ones I can borrow. 

Daily Food 3/10/10
Breakfast: Luna bar, apple
Lunch: vegan split pea soup cup, trail mix
Dinner: awesome veg burger, salad, fries @ Limelight
Misc: Ninkasi IPA at event, Bud Light

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Now we sip champagne when we thirsty.

Notorious BIG - Juicy

I can't believe it's been 13 years.  Damn.

Tiny Tuesday is on hiatus and will be back next week.  

Friday, March 5, 2010


Been waiting a long, long time.  Alice in Wonderland comes out today.  Yes.  Estelle coached me into a very special Alice manicure - silver and pink glitter on Alice blue with white roses, and of course, I had to throw a couple of rhinestones on there for safe measure. 

Daily Food 3/4/10
Breakfast: pear, Kombucha drink
Lunch: mixed raw veggies; some orzo/pepper salad
Snack: 1/2 vegan spelt cookie; carrots
Dinner: BBQ tofu/brussels sprouts/brown rice bowl @ Bye and Bye
Misc: Bye and Bye Hot Toddy

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fun Surprise/Rip City!

Oh, hello, Rudy.  Or should I say Hola?

Yesterday, I was so lucky to get free Blazer's tickets from my boss, total surprise!  And not only did I get tickets and a parking pass, they were the fancy club-level!  It was a great game, Bleezy's defeated the Pacers.  Rudy scored five awesome three-pointers.  Got to sit behind the oldest Blazer fan ever (again)... this adorable lady who gets decked out in homemade Blazer's jewelry/bling. 

Daily Food 3/3/10
Breakfast: pear/apple/grapefruit salad; Kombucha
Lunch: spinach/zucchini/peppers/cucumbers/carrot/peas/corn; bulgar/red pepper salad
Dinner: snacks at the game - broccoli salad, rice, green salad, grilled asparagus, roll, garlic potatoes; tried some pizza, it was gross, only ate about 1/2.  That's what I get for breaking my fruit fast.
Misc: diet Coke; bite of licorice; rootbeer Dum Dum  

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tiny Tuesday: Cat 1, Laundry Bag 0

I can hardly handle how much I love this pic.  FangFace took a liking to a laundry bag several days ago and hasn't given it back yet.  Fine by me. 

Daily Food 3/1/2010
Breakfast/Lunch: a shit ton of fruit juices, celery, orange, V8
Dinner: salad with all kinds of veggies; vegan mashed potatoes/gravy side (Papa G's) 

Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend Recap/Road Trip Withdrawals

Vacant theater in Chehalis... hey, that's my motto, too! 

Awesome view from our lovely hotel room

Oh, haaaaaay!

Best weekend ever, really.  I'm still trying to digest it all and having a touch of the post-trip blues.  We could not have asked for the WA trip to have been better, it was such a blast.  I will post the rest of the photos as soon as I've sorted them all out.  Some highlights:
  • Wacky store in a mostly-abandoned downtown Chehalis, where K scored a pair of roller skates for $9- it was a total Cinderella moment when she slipped them on  
  • Absolutely beautiful view of the Puget Sound from our awesome hotel room
  • Wheels of Justice annihilated Bay Area Dolls and beat Philly the next day
  • Breakfast in Bremerton in a VW Bus at Hi-Lo's 15th St Cafe
  • Closest, clearest rainbow I think I have ever seen in my life outside of the tournament  
  • Museum of Glass in Tacoma
Daily Food 2/28/10
Breakfast: scrambled eggs, avocado, potatoes, toast
Lunch: Gardenburger, fries, salad, Arnold Palmer
Misc: popcorn, almonds, at least 6 Dum-Dums