Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Culture

 Just Married!  They tied the knot in Peninsula Park. 

St Jeezy did it's part this weekend to keep Portland weird with the quite ill-conceived NoFest, which was supposed to be a multiple day, multiple stage, neighborhood-wide music and art event that ended up being more of a patched-together, random smattering of heshers and hippies on street corners, but the more the merrier to me!  The only act we wanted to catch was "Mannequin Head", but those poor guys just couldn't get it together.  There was a sign in an otherwise empty grass lot stating they were to play at 4 pm.  By about 4:15 there was one guy sitting in the grass with some, well... mannequin heads.  We tried to talk to him, he didn't know where everyone else was, what time they were going to play, etc. and so forth.  Anymannequin, great sunny day in St John's either way, Fixin' To, Leisure Public House, Marie's; bocce, music, art, and laughs. 

Sunday Parkways was awesome!  I got a wicked sunburn, but that's my own fault for not wearing a hat.  We started at Peninsula Park, my fav rose garden in all of Portland, crossing paths with friends along the way and spending some quality time in the amazing weather before hoofing back and wrapping up another fine Sunday on the gorgeous back garden patio at Vendetta. 

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tiny Tuesday: Guest Spot

Finally, after much longing, McG got her little McKitten last weekend!

Daily Food 6/21/10
Breakfast: strawberries, banana, Larabar
Lunch: green salad, sesame bagel/cream cheese, diet Coke
Dinner: spicy collard greens w/ sundried tomatoes, soycurls, bowl of Ranier cherries

Monday, June 21, 2010

Roller Derby Season Ends with a Bang!

Wildly fun bout last Saturday at the Expo Center, bringing the season to a close, I can't believe it!  That went by really quickly.  High Rollers took the big title, beating out favorites Heartless Heathers, and leaving Guns N Rollers and the Breakneck Betties in third and fourth, respectively.  There are a few more derby events through the summer, but the regular season for the Portland league's all done.  Got to see the Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers again, too!  They are so badass.  I was lucky enough to see them twice this past weekend, as they also marched with the Pride Parade.    Drums make the world go 'round, n'est-ce pas? 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Parks and Rec

Well, I've got four more days of 30 parks in 30 days and I'm not doing very well.  I kind of blew it.  BUT, I still managed to hit up many fine parks in the last month, and Mt Scott is up there in the ranks of the finest.  It's huge, for starters, with all kinds of space for people and pets alike.  Trails, both paved and unpaved, weave throughout picnic tables and there's a large rec center on site, too, with a pool, roller rink, gym, and class space.  It's a bustling center of activity.  Peep the strange mural of a kid... can't see in this photo too well, but his right hand looks like a foot and it's rather creepy.

Daily Food 6/14/10
Breakfast: bagel/cream cheese
Snack: cashew/date bar
Lunch: veggie sub, baked Lays, diet Coke
Dinner: crispy kale and sundried tomatoes, tofu, butterscotch puddin'
Misc: glass o' Pinot G

Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Culture

  Who are these girls?  I'll never tell! 
Hide these if Ma comes over. 
Yes, that's my special rainbow thumbnail.  This spinner bling watch is a present... shhh.

Holy hell, what a weekend!  Friday night, kicked it off with Happy Hour at C-Bar with my coworker, then to La Carreta for some mariachi music, gloppy enchiladas, and frou-frou fruity drinks (well, actually... I had Bud Light, everyone else had the fruity ones with umbrellas, whipped cream, and cherries) to celebrate a buddy's graduation.  At one point, a bartender broke a glass, I shouted "Mazel Tov!", and that record-scratch thing, like in the movies, happened, and an entire Mexican restaurant stared at me.  Afterparty culminated with some hot action at Lucky Devil, which was way nicer on the inside than it has ever looked to me from the outside, when I've blown past it about 800 times on Powell.  It's all red and velvety, pretty sexy!  I love a good fireplace on a patio. 

Speaking of sexy...  check out the nutty pillows spotted at the Giant Gay Garage sale at Vendetta yesterday.  *Blush!  I don't know that I could keep these in my home without getting embarrassed every time I looked at 'em.  The Sale was awesome!  So much fun, great turnout, including a large Yelp group, about 15 of us.  The DJ was really fun and threw out some wicked hits including a Journey mash-up, which we all sang at the top of our lungs.  Aside from the $95 porn pillows, the rest of the sale had funny stuff for really cheap, and I think most of us made some sweet scores.  I was talked into a sparkling, sequined silver purse because they threw in a matching scarf for a grand total of $3.  One gal had to go to her car twice to drop off her bags (including not one, not two, but THREE mannequin heads, btw).  Five-dollah booze lemonades were dangerous.  Refreshing... but dangerous.

After catching some pro jump-roping in front of Vendetta, headed to Alleyway for dinner and pinball with some more fine folks.  I insisted on stopping for Pinot G on the way home, don't know why I thought that was necessary and I didn't have a drop because I immediately fell into to bed.  And woke up at 2 am.  Oh well!

Nearly forgot about Saturday!  Spent the gorgeous evening on Estelle's deck with trashy gossip mags, fruit salad, and possibly the best playlist I've ever heard.  From there headed to The Maiden for some late night happy hour snacks including my fav, patatas bravas, tomato toast, and the super spicy roasted jalepeno caesar.  Love that place.  Another fine weekend under my belt, spent with happy people who like to have a good time.  Nary a Negative Nelly to be found. 

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tiny Tuesday: Country Cousins!

Emilie and Arthur got a kitten.  His name is Max.  I have not yet met him but hope to in the next day or two.  Also hoping to convince them to bring him over here so Tiny and this little one can meet before the little one gets too big to toss in the car and do stuff like that.  Oh. My. God. 

Daily Food 6/7/10
Breakfast: Larabar
Lunch: tempeh/spinach/mushroom taco, black beans
Snack: another Larabar, cashews
Dinner: tomato/kale stew, Solycurls, green grapes

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Almost Championship Time...

  Are these or are these not the raddest boots you have ever seen? 

Semifinals this past weekend were way exciting, and it's gonna be Heartless Heathers and High Rollers in the Championships June 19 at the Expo Center.  Heathers beat Guns N Rollers on Friday night, but Mo Mangles had a helluva jam toward the end, and for a moment, I thought the bout might turn around. 

Oh yeah, and Matt E won the raffle!  Warped Tour tickets... in Hillsboro!  Haha, 1995 called and wants its festival back!  I have heard of no more than three of the bands playing this year.  He deserved a win, though, with how many of those damn tickets we've bought.  Great time at the Hangar, as always, looking forward to the big championship. 

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hood River

 Tunnel near Oneonta Falls. 
  Outside of Full Sail Brewery
 Alas, I had no quarters. 

Really fun time driving through the Gorge and toolin' around Hood River for a few hours last weekend.  The weather was a-ok, though I heard it was pouring in Portland.  On the Full Sail Brewery tour, I learned tons, including that Hood River as it looks today did not exist as little as 15 years ago.  That revival, of a defunct, mostly-vacant old logging town, is actually pretty recent.  Lovely drive, lovely town.  And really so close to town... we were out there in about 30 minutes.  On the way back, we went over the Bridge of the Gods and stopped into Skamania for a quick glass of pinot g on their back lawn.  Good times. 

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tiny Tuesday: Laundry Day

This is why it takes 5 tries to change the sheets, she messes everything up the second I turn my back.  

Daily Food 5/31/10
Breakfast: roasted potatoes, red onion, basil, jack, poached egg
Dinner:  black eyed peas, Soy Curls, 1/2 avocado, strawberries
Misc: peanuts and special dark Spire cider