Saturday, July 31, 2010


To recap some texts from last night: 

K: So, this dance party is supposed to be awesome? 
Me: Yah, good DJs.  The outfit I'm wearing should be illegal. 

Two hours later: 
K:  Is it good times?
Me:  It is one hot, f*cking mess.  Get down here. 

Another two hours later:
Me:  I lost at least 3 lbs of sweat. 
K:  Who needs hydration when you have dancing?

Snap! 3rd Anniversary party was a helluva a good time.  I missed the no-cover hour by about 30 sec, but dear GOD, that three dollars was worth it.  Dirty, sweltering, filthy dance party, packed to the gills, tons of super hot folk everywhere, ridiculous drink specials, ridiculous play lists.  SNAP! has always been a fun party (all 90s, all the time) but it was really kicked up a notch last night for the big anniversary bash.  I walked out of that place (with my Fly Girl jacket that I miraculously remembered to get from the coat rack) completely soaked, head to toe. 

I warned people that if they played Arrested Development I would pee my pants.  They played Arrested Development.  

The main reason I went was in hopes of running into a couple of Moons... success. 

Friday, July 30, 2010

Last Thursday

Last Thursday on Alberta last night was totally bananas!  It was way more crowded than usual and kinda sticky-muggy out but a great time as always.  Great music, sounds, sights, smells, lots of laughs.  Giant smile on my face the whole time.

Before heading over, relaxed in the sun in a friend's back yard with some snacks and cocktails, which was lovely.  A highlight included finding out a certain someone (who shall remain nameless, because for some reason he didn't want any photos posted or for this secret talent to be shared) is a secret hula-hooper!

Daily Food 7/29/10
Breakfast: tangerine, mixed nuts, apricot bar
Lunch: tofu/veggies/rice, chili sauce at Mekong
Dinner: gouda, rice crackers, cherries, dip
Misc: 2 bourbon/ginger ales

Thursday, July 29, 2010

No Sleep MMX Continues.

Up at 3:30 am, yet again.  This is madness.

Last night at Slow Bar was lovely!  Possibly best UYE ever, probably because none of the Romper Room was there.  Our service was amazing, that guy really took care of our large group, all with separate tabs, as only an expert can.  Very smooth. All sorts of faces showed up that I hadn't expected to see, last-minute additions.  Capped it off with a trip up the way to Hungry Tiger Too, home by 10, not too shabby.

This no sleeping thing is going to get me soon, though, I just know it.  There is no way I can keep working out so hard every day and not sleep, brain/body is gonna get on the same track somehow. 

Daily Food 7/28/10
Breakfast: banana, orange
Lunch: romaine/corn/peas/pepperjack/carrots salad; boiled egg
Dinner: Boca/GF bread, sauteed onion/jalepeno, sweet potato fries
Misc: 2 Northern Lemonades, bubbly, couple bites of fancy cheese

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sallie Ford at Sellwood Waterfront Park

Lucky me!  Caught a free concert at Sellwood Waterfront Park last night, and it was none other than Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside.  Big crowd, but it never felt packed, that's a huge park, so plenty of room for everyone.  The dog- and people-watching was top notch.  I scored a spot on McG's blanket and she fed me delicious cheeses.  Really fun, so glad they put stuff on like that all the time.  Every day of the week, in fact.  You can find the full concert schedule here

Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside website
Previous Sallie Ford post from Daily AB here

And how's this for weird?  I was recently looking at photos from a trip to Denver about a year ago and noticed the name on the marquis... This was a couple of weeks before I'd heard of young Sallie Ford and her amazing voice for the first time, here in P-Town at Holocene.

Tiny Tuesday: Pop Bottles All Night you can have whatever you liiiiike, YEAH!

Daily Food 2/26/10
Breakfast: Kind apricot bar, nectarine, strawberries
Lunch: quinoa/peas/celery salad; 2 hard-boiled eggs
Dinner: grilled peppers, squash, eggplant, achiote tofu (New Season's deli), cheeses and fruit at the park, thanks McG!
Misc: bedtime bourbon/soda

Monday, July 26, 2010

Parks and Rec

 To the left, to the left...
View from the top, looking West.  

After spying on and heavily criticizing a wedding being set up in the park ("Ugh, shrimp in this heat, are you kidding me?", "Terrible fabric on those dresses, just awful."), got serious and started making our way up Mt Tabor, at the crest of which is this fine statue of Harvey W. Scott, editor of the Oregonian for about 50 years.  The artist, Gutzon Borglum is the very one who made Mt Rushmore. 

Such a fine and amazing park, it's really a major anchor of SE Portland.  Love it.  More info here.

Daily Food 7/25/10
Breakfast: potato/tomato/garlic/pepper saute; egg, mimosa
Lunch: hummus/tomato/olive/cucumber plate at Nightlight
Dinner: cup of borscht
Misc: 3 diet ginger ales, diet Coke, Strongbow

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Text Message Hall of Fame

In another thrilling edition of Text Message Hall of Fame, please enjoy the following:

Me:  Is it wrong to sing "Like A Rolling Stone" at the top of my lungs to a cat?
K: If it is, then I don't ever want to be right.  

Weekend Recap

Holy hell, so many things happened this weekend I hardly know where to begin.  But I'll keep it short with a couple of vague lists, in no particular order:  

Things that happened:
  • Porch drinking, fire dancing strippers, crafty PDX fair
  • Hiking Mt Tabor, weight lifting, park walkin'
  • Mad Men, Manhattans, movies 
  • Hall and Oates' entire greatest hits catalog at 3 am
  • Clinton/Division Street Fair, pinball, spying on a wedding being set up
Things that I lost:
An earring back, the 'skip' button on my car stereo, a small piece of my dignity

Things that I ate:
Vegan platter, bibimbap, borscht 

Places I went:
Good Food Here food cart pod, Night Light, Dot's, Portland Nursery, Devil's Point, Apex, Clinton St Pub, Bearly Worn, Gladstone Coffee and Pizza, Mt Tabor, Kenilworth Park, Heart, and a particularly stellar appearance at the Ship Ahoy (see "things that I lost"). 

Things that I gained:
Renewed respect for Depeche Mode, Edgar's phone number, negative bank balance

All in all, another fabulous weekend in this gosh darn fine city.  The Weekend Culture never ends.  It's like I drift from one beautiful park to a crazy street festival to a new bar showing "Mad Men" to food carts to strip clubs to coffee roasters to dormant volcanoes, on an endless loop of possibilities every day.  Love it.

Daily Food 7/24/20
Breakfast: potatoes, onions, tomato, poached egg, nectarine
Snack: Kind apricot bar
Dinner: brown rice, black beans, tofu, chips/salsa, jack cheese
Misc: fancy cider at Apex; bourbon to accompany fire stripping (obvs)

Friday, July 23, 2010

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead.

  Kenilworth Park, looking glorious in the early morning. 

For the fifth day in a row, woke up around 4 am (hours before the alarm is set to go off), ready to rock.  Which is surprising to me as I usually go to bed pretty sedated.  Guess I don't need sleep any more.  And instead of watching reality shows on Hulu for three hours before heading to work, I've actually been hittin' the park to walk/hike/run stairs.  I'm lucky to be right smack-dab in the middle of several fine parks with great trails.  Yesterday, I hit Kenilworth in the morning, then again after work before heading over to Powell Park on my way to Clinton St Pub where I reunited myself with Medieval Madness.

The five to six am hour at the gym is pretty entertaining, too.  For weeks, I've been finding myself wondering, "Oooh, what tshirt is Mustache Man gonna have on today?" as I pull into the parking lot.  Mustache Man has a bunch of super sick old punk rock tshirts and huge glasses that cover half of his face.  I think I could love him. 

Tiny Small Cat is none to pleased with the 4 am wake up call.  But seeing as how she sticks her claws in my face, bites me, sits on my head, and yells in my ear while I'm trying to sleep, I figure now we're even.  I had to literally drag her fat ass out of bed this morning to hang out with me.

Daily Food 7/22/10
Breakfast: banana, an entire head of celery with vegan dressing/dip
Lunch: roasted potato, zucchini, corn, spicy tofu sauce, an egg
Dinner: forgot to eat dinner, far too busy canvassing SE Clinton/Division on foot in search of pinball
Misc: iced Americano, an Evan Williams single-barrel

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Proposal.

Many congratulations for my counterpart at work, Angela W and her BF, Noel... they are engaged!  He proposed to her on Tuesday night, total surprise-style, unexpected.  She was still shaking all day yesterday.  Hell, even I was shaking and I'm not even involved. 


Daily Food 7/21/10
Breakfast: nonfat Greek yogurt, cherries, banana
Lunch: curried tofu salad, kale/carrots salad, potato
Snack: GF quinoa cookie from Cravin Raven
Dinner: stewed black eyed peas over brown rice, spicy garlic broccoli

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Just Rollerskating on a Monday Night, NBD.

Holy hell, as if I didn't already have more than enough respect and love for the Roller Derby gals, I strapped on some wheels and hit the rink myself last night, for the first time since I was a child (Skate City, Aurora CO, represent!), and lemme tell ya: that shit's harder than it looks!  While I was pretty darn pleased with my leopard-print leg warmers, they did nothing for me by way of grace or poise.  I had to take about 30 go-arounds in the practice lane area before even attempting to bust out onto the main track.  Quite a workout!  I got fairly comfortable fairly quickly but nowhere near attempting anything else on skates but simply moving forward.  Oh, or stopping.  I didn't quite get that far, so I'd just launch myself at full speed into the carpeted rail every time.  

Third Monday of every month, Just Out hosts this super fun skate-party at Oaks Park (complete with all the best club-bangin' hits and classic pop tunes).  $6 entry fee includes skate rental, with proceeds going to the Just Out Scholarship fund.  They also ask for a can of food as well, for Esther's Pantry, a group that provides food for low-income persons living with AIDS/HIV.

An all around fun time, I'm glad I finally tried out rollerskating and will definitely go again.  Mad props to the derby people (there were plenty of them there last night, from Rose City Rollers and the newly-formed men's league) and all of the really good amateurs.  Some truly excellent rollerdancing was happening in the middle of the rink.

Daily Food 7/19/10
Breakfast: cherries, fruit/nut bar
Lunch: nonfat Greek yogurt, banana, apple
Dinner: Masala garbanzo/Soycurl/peas stew over polenta
Misc: diet Ginger Ale

Monday, July 19, 2010

Bridal Shower, Kelso, WA Edition

 Oooh, so sexy... album cover?
Cousin Annie was totally nuts over these pantyhose she bought for Chelsea.
No bridal shower is complete without a punchbowl.  

About 30 or so lovely ladies gathered yesterday at an uber fancy house up in the hills in Kelso, WA to celebrate Chelsea's (St Frankie Lee) upcoming nuptials next month.  There were no bridal-y games to be had, but she did open presents and we are chatted for a few hours and laughed heartily about every Grandma joke that came up.

Really nice time, the drive wasn't bad at all (that's pretty far north for AB).  Everyone is so excited for the wedding, it's going to be way unconventional and way awesome.  Matt E and I are doing the flowers.

Daily food 7/18/10
Breakfast: crispy kale, polenta, poached egg
Lunch: fruit, cheese, and punch at the shower
Dinner: tofu, brown rice, carmelized onions

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Urban Oasis

Macleay Park is an awesome area under the Thurman Bridge in NW, with quite a history, including its original owner/settler of the area being hanged for murder!  Holy Smokes!  Many thanks to Matt E for taking me there recently as I didn't even know it existed.  Just moments from the bustle of NW 23rd Ave, it feels like you're much farther away, in the middle of nowhere even, its trails both tranquil and lovely.  From the bridge itself there's a great view of Mt St Helen's. 

Daily Food 7/17/10
Breakfast: sauteed spinach/sundried tomatoes, polenta, poached egg
Lunch: nothing
Dinner: palaak paneer over brown rice, peas/mushrooms

Friday, July 16, 2010

Karaoke from Hell

Rolled into Tiger Bar, after an already super fun night (HH on a sweet patio, dinner, AND a movie at the Mt Tabor Theater), for the amazing Karaoke from Hell and I did my usual waffling ("I can't do it, I'm too scared..." blah blah blah).  Then I decided I would do it.  I channeled my mother, who would have said, "Face your fears and walk through them".  I then went around to the three tables of my friends and told everyone I was going to do it and to be nice to me if I tanked.  Ready to write "Me and Bobby McGee" on a tiny slip of paper and hand it to the nice lady, I was then informed that Amado had already put my name in!  They called me up moments later and the next thing I knew, it was happening.  I didn't tank. 

It was really fun, but I don't really remember actually singing, it was all too exciting, and I was shaking a bit.  Those fools in the band actually hugged me!  And gave me a gift certificate!  Yes! 

Epic night, really.  I really have some pro Karaoke friends, everyone sounded awesome.  Tiger Bar rules. 

Daily Food 7/15/10
Breakfast: Clif bar, banana
Lunch: salad with pears, pecans, strawberries; just the toppings off of a mediterranean pizza slice, diet Coke
Dinner: beans/rice/veggies/tofu bowl
Misc: Strongbow at HH, misc bourbon

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jade Teahouse

 L-R: Vietnamese Wedding Cake, Sesame balls, macaron

God, I love this place.  It is so, so good.  Everything.  After a lovely ladies spa visit down the street, we stopped into Jade, starving, and somehow managed to snag the very last table.  There was a line at the counter the entire time we were there, it was hoppin'.  Everything was amazing, as usual, beautifully presented, healthy, and delicious.  This may be my favorite restaurant in Sellwood; highly recommend.

Click here for website.

Daily Food 7/14/10
Breakfast: lentils, banana (that was a weird combo, not gonna lie)
Lunch: radishes, green salad, quinoa salad with pecans/feta
Dinner: grilled eggplant/tofu, green salad, sweet rice and mango, sesame/bean paste ball
Misc: white wine, diet Coke

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Oh, hello.

Thanks, McG!

Daily Food 7/13/10
Breakfast: apple, slice of Tillamook cheddar
Lunch: mixed veg salad w roasted eggplant and peppers, cherries
Snack: Clif bar, diet Coke
Dinner: lentils, steamed spinach/mushroom/garlic w sherry, poached egg on top

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tiny Tuesday: Fisheye!

Haha, this one really cracks me up.  Endless entertainment with that damn beast.  

Daily Food 7/12/10
Breakfast: apple, orange, Clif bar
Lunch: veg tortilla soup with queso fresco
Dinner: mixed veg salad, dirty rice, Greek yogurt

Monday, July 12, 2010

Island In the Sun

Yesterday we posted up at Sauvie Island all day long, doing absolutely nothing.  Magazines, music, some beach snacks, and that was about it.  Other than that, we got some respite from the week and tried to recharge for the week upcoming.  I am currently rockin' the sunburn of my life.  Slightly concerned about how I'm going to get clothes on and get out the door to work at this point. 

While it was quite windy at the beach, it was still sunny the whole time. 

Daily Food 7/11/10
Beach Snacks: grapes, strawberries, hummus, multigrain chips, iced tea (which may or may not have had a splash of pino g involved)
Dinner: tofu/quinoa bowl

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Text Message Hall of Fame

Me:  It was after you asked me if I was wearing a wig.  That's why she called you a 'dickface'. 

Mississippi Street Fair

 Bossy Ma, holler. 

Missip' was a sea of people as far as my eyes could see yesterday.  Sweltering hot, we dipped into the Yelp beer garden a few times to watch giant Jenga and try out some craft brews.  I was so crazy overstimulated at the fair yesterday, I hardly looked at any actual booths, did not have more than a 30-second conversation with anyone in the big group we were rollin' in and in retrospect, was severely dehydrated and probably super loopy.  My apologies to anyone I had a nonsensical conversation with; hopefully it wasn't longer than 30 sec. 

Seeking refuge from the sun, we ducked into Crow Bar (love), snagged the very last table in the back, hit up some pinball and cheap drinks.  Accidentally got into a conversation in Spanish with someone at the bar.  I do not speak Spanish.  I may have told him we were going to kiss, frequently, and with urgency.  How did this come up?  That's a totally reasonable question.  I'm guessing these promises of smooching began with him overhearing me shouting "besos!" at my friend, and I'd had just enough bourbon (one) and ten times the amount of sun anyone needs in a day, to roll with it in broken Spanish.  Or perhaps he was just wildly mesmerized by my fancy new hair flower. 

Great time, great fair, especially enjoyed the tour of the Q Center, who had a photography contest on display, some really amazing photos. 

Friday, July 9, 2010

I Don't Turn Down Free Movies When It's 400 Degrees Outside.

Saw a good movie last night (thanks, Yelp) at an advance screening of "The Kids Are All Right".  I went into it with no expectations at all and was pleasantly surprised.  It opens today.  Julianne Moore, Annette Bening, Mark Ruffalo, and... Alice in Wonderland herself, Mia Wasikowska.  I think she's going to start popping up all over the place soon.  She was great in the movie but good gawd I wanted to brush her hair the whole time.  The film's about a family whose children seek out their biological father (sperm donor), which in turn ends up changing all sorts of family dynamics and ends up making the two mothers in the film seriously question some things.  I saw a few blurbs online insinuating that the film is anti-father, but I didn't get that impression at all.  The issues the family deals with really could be any family, anywhere... not necessarily lesbian issues, though that's where the most humor from the movie came from.  Recommend. 

Click here for the trailer. 

Daily Food 7/8/10
Breakfast: Clif bar, cherries
Lunch: quinoa, cherry tomatoes, garbanzo beans, carrots
Dinner: sun-dried tomato risotto, tofu
Misc: white wine and a Strongbow Cider

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Promise I would Tell You.

A whopping thanks to no one yesterday for not telling me my shirt was see-through.  I didn't catch that until about 4 pm, thanks to a glimpse of myself in the window reflection at work.  Not that I'm blaming anyone but myself for not knowing that I was giving a peep show all day, but come on!  I promise you, friends, if you're ever showing any nips or have food in your teeth, I will tell you.

Daily Food 7/7/10
Breakfast: Clif bar
Lunch: quinoa with cherry tomatoes, red peppers, feta; diet Coke
Dinner: ramen with carrots and Soycurls, Rainier cherries

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tiny Tuesday: Baggage.

This went on for about a half an hour.  She really thought she could fit snugly inside of this purse.  

Daily Food 7/5/10
Breakfast: nothing
Lunch: mushroom ramen cup
Dinner: Eggplant Parmesan, spaghetti/marinara, garlic bread, salad
Misc: Pinot G