Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sallie Ford at Sellwood Waterfront Park

Lucky me!  Caught a free concert at Sellwood Waterfront Park last night, and it was none other than Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside.  Big crowd, but it never felt packed, that's a huge park, so plenty of room for everyone.  The dog- and people-watching was top notch.  I scored a spot on McG's blanket and she fed me delicious cheeses.  Really fun, so glad they put stuff on like that all the time.  Every day of the week, in fact.  You can find the full concert schedule here

Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside website
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And how's this for weird?  I was recently looking at photos from a trip to Denver about a year ago and noticed the name on the marquis... This was a couple of weeks before I'd heard of young Sallie Ford and her amazing voice for the first time, here in P-Town at Holocene.

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