Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tiny Tuesday: Fannypack Edition

No, no, that's not Tiny.  That sweet beast lives with everyone's favorite bartender, who happens to be celebrating her birthday today!  It's the world's tiniest fannypack, and I wish I had one for Tiny.  I would put all sorts of tiny things in it and she could run around like a maniac delivery cat.

Speaking of fannypacks, who remembers this song?  Haha.  It's not the cameltoe song, I promise. 

Daily Food 8/30/10
Breakfast: hardboiled egg, fruit bar
Lunch: shared caesar/caprese, rice pasta w peas and vodka sauce, diet Coke, bite of almond cheesecake
Dinner: spinach/mushroom/onion/pepper sautee, brown rice tortilla, fontina, avocado slices

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sweet Scores at the Library

While I know I could obtain any imaginable music from the Interwebs at any time, I never do.  People tell me all the time, "Oh you gotta download such and such..." (mostly because they feel bad for me knowing I've been listening to the same ten songs since 1999), and I say, "Sure, yeah, I'll do that..." but, no.  Instead, I prefer to pop into the Library a few times a week and see what sweet scores I can get out of the music bins.  It's way more fun that way.  I'm super high-tech in some ways, but in most I'm kinda analog.  For example, I have some super fancy tiny ipod thingy (monogrammed!) with a video camera and all that, but I only use it to listen to the radio.

So, new segment on Daily AB:  Sweet Scores at the Library.  Last time, I scored:

Paul Simon - Rhythm of the Saints
The Clipse - Till the Casket Drops (are you kidding me, Sellwood library?!  Yes!)
Justin Timberlake - Justified (Cry Me A River, oh hello, turns out that's the only good song on there)

Daily Food 8/25/10
Breakfast: brown rice and tofu, banana
Lunch: green beans Provencal, slice of cheese, hard-boiled egg
Snacks: fruit/nut bar, apple
Dinner: polenta with fontina, sauteed spinach
Misc: diet Coke, iced tea

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Flashback: August 25, 2001

I remember Aug 25, 2001, really vividly for some reason.  It was about a million degrees outside, most of the state (Colorado) was on fire, my brother's cat (Howard) was having kittens, and two good friends of ours were missing.  I remember having to use a broom to sweep ashes off of my car to get to work.   It was a weird time, for sure.  Any of the Denver homies should remember that awful week.  Then news broke that Aaliyah died, in the Bahamas, filming the video for "Rock The Boat", which I don't really like to watch because it kind of creeps me out.  I still love her songs, all this time later.  She was only 22, one of few pop sopranos, and One in a Million.  RIP.

Click here for Are You That Somebody video.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tiny Tuesday: On the Lookout

New favorite place to hang out, laundry basket. 
Daily Food 8/23/10
Breakfast: banana, NF Greek yogurt, agave
Lunch: spinach/cabbage/tomato/carrot salad w/ kidney beans
Snack: fruit/nut bar
Dinner: very naughty non-meal of shared tots, chips/salsa, sauvignon blanc, and half of a sweet tea cocktail

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sallie Ford at Doug Fir

It was very, very quick (they had to get off of the patio for a wedding that was about to begin), but awesome free set by Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside yesterday.  I love those people!  They just get better and better. 

Check them out here:  Official Website

Daily Food 8/22/10
Breakfast: braised collards over polenta, 2 eggs, Bloody Mary
Lunch: snacks at the bday party - rice paste/peanut sauce, salad, potatoes, strawberries/blueberries/grapes, misc pinot g

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekend Recap

Near my apartment.
I declared last week that I was grounded.  I am out of control.  What happened was that I paid my hospital bill in full, out of my checking account, recently, and yet continued to spend money as if that check didn't translate into an actual deduction in funds.  Turns out, you get these crazy letters from the bank referencing things like "overdrafts" and "negative balances".  So, I put the kibosh on doing anything outside of the apartment, which lasted about 36 hours.  Life's too short, party people.  There were rooftop parties to attend and groceries to buy.  It'll all work out when I unveil that final winning letter on my favorite Oregon Lottery Crossword scratch-it.

In somewhat chronological order:  amazing happy hour at Aura (yeah, I was surprised, too), Portland Beavers baseball game, Kingston, Plan B, metal concert, Alberta Street Fair, Mash Tun, Radio Room (which has been dead to me for two years previously), weird bonfire party at weird commune/compound, aiding and abetting the stealing of a street sign, a flask of bourbon, chasing down neighborhood cats (none wanted to hang out with me, sadly), brunch at C Bar that was crashed by two insane, wasted dudes who had not yet been to bed and had been drinking at Ship Ahoy since it opened, working out in Kenilworth Park, awesome birthday party, free concert at Doug Fir - my fav, Sallie Ford, Mad Men at Monkey Bar.

And I managed to fit in a rainbow manicure AND the latest episode of Teen Mom.  Dear God, I need to stop watching that filth.  


Daily Food 8/21/10
Breakfast: shared tots at Mash Tun, Bloody Mary
Lunch: veggies/potatoes/eggs, mimosa at Radio Room
Dinner: tofu.  Seriously, just plain tofu.  Saddest.  Dinner.  Ever.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Back by Popular Demand: Cardboard Bond

After a long period of being in the closet, he's back.  He missed being out on the town.  Pretty sweet nightto reemerge last night, too - Top Down Film Festival (free tickets, thanks, Yelp) on the rooftop of Hotel Deluxe's parking garage.  Ah, another night, another rooftop; love you, P-town.

However, as I am guzzling a coffee and taking a mental inventory of my things, wishing we hadn't been purchasing full bottles of wine at the movie, I am slightly mortified to say that I left Cardboard Bond in someone's car last night, and let them drive off.  Don't panic, party people, it wasn't with a stranger or anything... I'll get him back today.

Daily Food 8/19/10
Breakfast: GF banana bread, Larabar, pomegranate juice
Lunch: mixed veg salad, roasted potato salad, cheese curds
Dinner: eggs and smoked tofu on polenta, red potatoes, bubbly
Misc: Rascal Pinot G on the rooftop!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Swan Island Dahlia Farm

Just a bit south of P-town in Canby, Swan Island Dahlia Farm is America's largest dahlia farm, family-owned since 1927.  We headed down last Thursday to pick up the blooms (several hundred!) for the St Frankie Lee Wedding of the Century and walked around a bit.  It's breathtaking!  I took tons and tons of photos, at each new row of bright plants.  They have over 350 varieties on 40 acres, some little teeny ones and some as big as dinner plates.  August is prime dahlia season.  Oh, Oregon, how I love you so.

Daily Food 8/17/10
Breakfast: fruit/nut bar
Lunch: big ole salad, apple, piece of gouda
Snack: Larabar, banana
Dinner: veggie chili and tofu

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tiny Tuesday: Busted!

I am quite behind on posting, too many awesome things happened this past weekend, including Wedding of the Century, which was amazing.  Will post photos and recap soon.

Daily Food 8/16/10
Breakfast: scrambled eggs, low-fat cheddar; fruit/nut bar
Lunch: beans/rice/tofu/spinach plate, corn tortillas
Snack: cantaloupe, honeydew, grapes
Dinner: veg chili, nonfat yogurt, cabbage/carrot/tomato salad
Misc: 2 diet Cokes, bourbon/soda @ Monday Confessional

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Let's go to WA!

Countown to St Frankie Lee's wedding of the century, at 5 pm this evening in Ariel, WA.  Matt E and I are doing the flowers - well, it's more like 80% Matt E and 20% AB.  Got a crash course in fine floral arranging yesterday.  We are really happy with it so far, hope the bride and groom love it, too.  The above photo is a little sneak peak... the bridal party is already up at the lodge, and I'm hoping there's no internet access so they won't see it.  Dahlias in Oregon in August FTW.  Leaving Portland shortly to haul booty up there to start Operation Best Flowers Ever phase one before it gets too hot.  Gonna be a scorcher today! 

Daily Food 8/13/10
Breakfast: Clif bar, watermelon
Snack: shared some NightLight nachos, Strongbow
Dinner: Dot's vegan plate, bedtime bourbon

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tiny Tuesday: The Wave

  Looking regal. 

Special guest star this week is The Wave, a totally bad-ass fang face I got to cat-sit for over the weekend.  We had a pretty good time, there were catnip bubbles involved.  He held me hostage in the apartment on Sunday, blockading the door with his bootylicious body and taking swipes at my ankles when I tried to get out.  So I stayed awhile.  It was awesome. 

Daily Food 8/9/10
Breakfast: nonfat Greek yogurt, fruit/nut bar
Lunch: super sucky salad, grapes
Dinner: borsch with sour cream, polenta, beet greens
Misc: more coffee than should be allowed

Monday, August 9, 2010

Elite Event: Rooftop!

 View from the ground.
 View from the top.
  This bottle should have had more warnings on it...

Saturday afternoon, attended a most swanky event, boat/yacht/nautical-themed, on the 15th floor rooftop bar of Departure, a place that was formerly dead to me but they did such an amazing job, I'd go again and give them another shot.  They were dead to me for treating a party I was with about a year ago like dirt and their extreme snobbery ruined my friend's birthday (we got denied entry, despite having a reservation in place for weeks), but Saturday it was a private party just for the Yelp peeps, so it was a different situation. 

The food was amazing.  The drinks were amazing.  And the view!  Sweet Jesus, this city is so beautiful.  It was a whirlwind two hours, don't think I had more than a 5-sec conversation with anyone.  It was just buzzing about like a little worker bee, all "Oh hello!" and "You look fabulous, dahling..." 

Review of the party here.  Link to Departure's site here

Friday, August 6, 2010

Lotsa Laughs, Lotsa Money Raised

Great time last night at the Laughter is the Best Medicine event at the Curious Comedy Theater, lots of money raised for the Alzheimer's Association.  We were treated to a line-up of several comedians, including Ron Funches, who had me in stitches.  I said to my boss repeatedly, "Now, that's the kind of guy I want to drink with".

Here's a clip of his set from a while back at Harvey's...  A warning that it starts out with a joke about balls, but that topic doesn't last long and is not indicative of the rest of the set.  

Daily Food 8/5/10
Breakfast: roasted tiny potatoes, nonfat Greek yogurt, cherries
Lunch: big green salad with corn, black beans, peppers; piece of smoked gouda
Snack: Clif bar, diet Coke
Dinner: BBQ tofu, veggies, potato salad, slaw; Outlaw
Misc: white wine at Comedy club

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Door to Nowhere

I stumbled across this door on my walk to Creston Park this morning.  There is nothing behind it; just a random door.  At least it appears to go nowhere... maybe next time I'll walk through its threshold and find out.  It does say, "start"...  How very urban Alice in Wonderland. 

Daily Food 8/3/10
Breakfast: 2 harboiled eggs, banana, cherries
Lunch: mixed greens, black beans, pico de gallo, queso fresco
Dinner: Jaipur vegetable stew, corn tortilla
Misc: diet Coke, pinot g

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tiny Tuesday: Never Too Late.

Shoot howdy, I almost forgot to post Tiny Tuesday today.  Here's the beast looking aloof and inattentive. 

Daily Food 8/2/10
Breakfast: nonfat Greek yogurt, blueberries, banana
Lunch: vegan GF mac n cheese, cuke/tomato/pepper/onion/mint/garbanzo bean salad
Dinner: refried beans, tomatoes, green chili; poached egg; corn tortilla

Monday, August 2, 2010

"Like a friggin' Pilgrim from the 20s"...

  Worlds Collide. 

I don't know if I can go down this road again.  During Season 1 of Jersey Shore, I think I did permanent damage to my face by spraying Formula 409 in my eyes after every episode in an attempt to cleanse my soul.  Season 2 finds the gang not in Jersey but Miami Beach.  Florida is a giant toilet, as we all know, and the clubs there seem even more terrifying than in the Garden State.  Oh, and I spent a really sickening amount of time on the Baskin Robbins website making up my own beats using the DJ Pauly D game that clearly some exec's 13-year-old daughter came up with and used her doe eyes to convince Daddy or Mommy into making a reality, Veruca Salt-style.  That alone should bar me from being allowed to watch any recreational TV whatsoever.  I don't actually have TV, so I'm at the mercy of whatever gets posted online, anyway.

About 1000 times better than that awful show, however, are the re-caps by my favorite blogger, check him out here:  I'm Bringing Blogging Back  Many thanks/curses to him for also introducing me to the show "Teen Mom".  Oh, dear God, do yourself a favor and read the recap first, then catch the episodes online at mtv.com and keep an eye on the live stream of viewer comments to the right.  You will never complain about your own life ever again, I promise. 

Daily Food 8/1/10
Breakfast: red chard, red onion; spicy beans, poached eggs
Lunch: tempeh/tomato/avocado on GF bread, vegan coleslaw, cider
Dinner: spinach/cherry tomato/beet/pecan/blue cheese salad
Misc: Bulleit/soda during Mad Men viewing at Monkey Bar