Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Swan Island Dahlia Farm

Just a bit south of P-town in Canby, Swan Island Dahlia Farm is America's largest dahlia farm, family-owned since 1927.  We headed down last Thursday to pick up the blooms (several hundred!) for the St Frankie Lee Wedding of the Century and walked around a bit.  It's breathtaking!  I took tons and tons of photos, at each new row of bright plants.  They have over 350 varieties on 40 acres, some little teeny ones and some as big as dinner plates.  August is prime dahlia season.  Oh, Oregon, how I love you so.

Daily Food 8/17/10
Breakfast: fruit/nut bar
Lunch: big ole salad, apple, piece of gouda
Snack: Larabar, banana
Dinner: veggie chili and tofu

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