Friday, October 29, 2010

She's On The Ball

My brother Ben and his wife, Charise, unexpectedly dropped into P-Town last night and we had quite a fancy evening!  The Nines, Urban Farmer, Andina, Director Park, Pioneer Square, back to the Nines (special VIP lounge on the 12th floor, y'all), Departure.  Whew!  I was excited to show them Director Park, as a way of re-visiting the very first spot, ever, that I set foot in Portland when I moved here.  Brother Ben and I drove out together in 2002, rolled into town, and went straight to the Paramount Hotel, which overlooks this new-ish plaza.  C was loving it.  "I'm on the ball!" she shouted as we walked through downtown in the rain.  This may or may not have had something to do with the five Sacsayhuamans (best drink ever) she had.  SACSAYHUAMÁN! 

Daily Food 10/28/10
Breakfast: scrambled eggs, a roasted red potato
Lunch: quinoa/apple salad with avocado
Dinner:  Holy smokes, the most amazing Peruvian meal ever at Andina: Yuca fritter, Hongos Saltados (mushroom/vegetable stew), shared crab salad, bread/dipping sauces, and I even tried... an oyster!  Bivalves be not afraid, it probably won't happen again.
Misc: Pinot Blanc, shared pot de creme

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Zombie Baby

Let me be very clear about this:  I hate Zombie Baby.  I told Estelle B that I wouldn't go into her house while ZB was in there, that was about a month ago, and I still haven't set foot inside of her house out of sheer fear that he will come flying at me.  BUT...  he was the perfect addition to the enormous, 130-lb pumpkin that our friends carved recently.  They invited us over for a lovely evening of cider, carving, spooky music, even day-glo orange Halloween Oreos.  A good time had by all, including the awful plastic child.

Gearing up for Halloweekend (I made that word up, thankyouverymuch)!  It's officially fall, my favorite season, the weather is perfectly crisp and chilly, bring on the hot toddies.  I'll be dressing up this weekend for the first time in many, many years.  A totally silly idea struck me on Monday and I've decided to go for it.

Daily Food 10/27/10
Breakfast: GF toast, banana
Lunch: curried vegetables, basmati; tomato slices, avocado
Dinner: Caesar salad, pizza at Gladstone; white wine

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Back, No Fanfare.

These are a couple of pics from a walking tour that I attempted a few weeks ago that was a total disaster.  I ended up splintering off and walking away not long into it.  The meet-up was called "Hidden Portland: Chinatown/Old Town", but it was ill-planned and moving a group that size (we started from Union Station) more than a block at a time was taking a maddeningly long time, and we were really stopping to look at anything I hadn't seen a hundred times before.  The woman who 'led' the tour is actually a self-proclaimed museum expert, and the event was a promotion for her new book.  Oh, well.  It was a nice enough day for a walk, anyway. 

Daily Food 10/26/10
Breakfast: GF toast, lite OJ, banana
Lunch: Tastybite Spinach/Dhal lunch, tomato
Snacks: NF peach yogurt, nuts
Dinner: veg soup, soy chips
Misc:  2 Halloween Oreos, apple cider, and candies at pumpkin carving party!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Food Fight?

I can't seem to get it together to post the Daily AB daily... these days.  I don't particularly have an awesome excuse other than just busy and thinking about scrapping the food diary anyway since I have decided all four of my current doctors are total quacks, clearly the various diets/allergy stuff is having no effect, and well... frankly it is not that interesting.  The most glaring reason I have decided they are all crazy or not paying attention is staring right back at me in the mirror.  It is insane to gain weight on a restricted-calorie diet, while exercising every day.  Simple science, people: burn more than you take in, right?  You'd think a person would at least maintain the same weight if not lose some.  But no.  So the gluten-free, low-glycemic, mostly-vegan, blah blah blah... all seems kinda pointless right now. 

However, when I don't post for a few days, I usually get 4-5 emails (including from strangers) asking what I've been eating, which never ceases to fascinate me.  Hmmm.  

Daily Food 10/10/10
Breakfast: mixed veg omelet, potatoes, tiny scone w/ honey
Dinner: Soy Curls, roasted potato, sliced tomatoes
Snack: NF coffee frozen yogurt, diet Coke

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Once In Awhile They Feed Us.

Y'all remember the John and Caprial cooking show?  Perhaps their Sellwood restaurant (now closed)?  I miss that show, it used to be a highlight of my weekend.  John would try to tell stories about how much he loved Caprial, and she would totally shut him down, it was hysterical.  She was not very nice to him on the show, but it was in a subtle way that one really had to be aware of to catch her best digs.  Anyway, long story short, they catered my lunch yesterday for a meeting at work.  It was delicious.  John commented that he liked the dress I was wearing yesterday ($4, oh hello), and then Caprial shot him a nasty look.  

Mixed greens and radicchio salad with heirloom tomatoes, vinaigrette; fancy vegetable stew (Brussels sprouts, carrots, mushroom, potato, turnip), biscuits, a very tahini-heavy hummus, and some desserts that I passed up on but they looked divine.

Daily Food 10/4/10
Breakfast: GF bagel, banana
Lunch: see above
Dinner: corn/black bean chili with cheese, avocado; gingersnap

Friday, October 1, 2010


Caught the screening of "The Social Network" last night (thanks, Yelp), after getting heckled out front by the usual screen rats.  Then, once inside, I was talking shit about one of the hecklers before it was pointed out to me that he was sitting right behind me.  Nice. 

Movie was good!  Topic, Facebook.  Featuring: Justin Timberlake.  Music by Trent Reznor, written by Aaron Sorkin - it's like this movie was ripped from the pages of my diary.  Happy Friday. 

Daily Food 9/30/10
Breakfast: huevos rancheros, oh hello!
Lunch: GF poppy bagel, cream cheese
Snacks: popcorn, green apple, mixed berries