Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Grotto

Breathtaking, inspiring, humbling, sparkling, serene, peaceful.  

The Grotto is an amazing place, and many thanks to Groupon, Ma and I scored two tickets plus a beverage on the cheap.  After a fun dinner out at Equinox, we headed to deep NE, rolled up in the Camry right into a princess parking spot and meandered into the Grotto for a really fun traipse through the Festival of Lights AND caught a choir concert, too.  I would definitely go back again and pay full price for another visit before Christmas.  It was awesome.

Daily Food 12/11/10
Breakfast: scrambled eggs, potatoes/mushrooms, fruit salad
Dinner: appetizer madness while decorating the tree - mushroom turnovers, assorted crudite, tiny GF crepes with roasted Golden Nugget squash and mascarpone, nuts, fruit, cheese, pinot g.  MADNESS!

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Sean G said...

I really need to get to this place and spend an evening. Those pictures look great.