Friday, December 10, 2010

Holiday Cheer, It's On.

Matt brought over some gorgeous floral arrangements the other night, and my whole apartment is transformed.  Smells great, too!  My mother arrived from Colorado, and our mission is to do up my place to make it look like someone lives here and then cover it all up immediately with super tacky Christmas decor.  Really going to clash with these super-classy additions from my bestie, but oh well.  Holidays MMX. 

I can barely admit this:  I bought a fake tree.  And it's white.  WTF.  Seemed like a good idea at the time- if you're gonna go fake, might as well go super fake, yeah?  But I don't know, I'm seriously doubting the whole thing, and might return it.  There was a very cheesy little fiber optic tree for sale at the library next door... I might go check and see if it's still there today.  At least that $10 would go to the library.  We'll see how it pans out, as Mama Trip and Operation Festive-i-cize the Apartment continues.  There will be glitter involved. 

Got to see St Frankie Lee yesterday:  TWICE!  A rare occasion. 

Daily Food 12/9/10
Breakfast: two poached eggs, polenta cake, tomato sauce, kale
Lunch: hummus, rice crackers, mixed fruit, piece o' cheddar
Snack: popcorn, almonds, apple/pear juice
Dinner: Caesar salad, Gladstone pizza, pinot g

PS Daily Food might be going away, as I am now using which is super sweet.

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Sean G said...

That bouquet of roses at the top is really interesting. I'd never consider mixing roses and evergreen stuff like that, it's really cool looking. The wreath is nice and that third bit is also really neat... I can't figure out what it is, but I like the little pot and accouterments.

Good luck with your mom visiting, I hope the place doesn't get too overrun with lived-in-ness.