Friday, December 3, 2010

More Holiday Cheer Soon.

This afternoon, my little neighborhood is having an umbrella parade (?) and the official downtown Milwaukie Tree Lighting.  You bet yer bippy I'll be there for that, even if it means having to leave work early... the festivities start at 3:30 for some reason, do they not know people are at work?  Oh, well!  Good times either way, looking forward to it.  This is happening in conjunction with First Friday's Art a la Carte.  Details here

Daily Food 12/2/10
Breakfast: GF toast, apple, banana
Lunch: kale stew w/ GF pasta, roasted carrots w/ garbanzo gravy
Dinner: arancine, caesar, bread, pinto g
Misc: diet Coke, chips/salsa snack, hot toddys!

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