Monday, December 20, 2010

Peacock Lane

Not quite as grand as I recall from years prior, but Peacock Lane is still lovely and pretty as always.  Had some great holiday time with friends yesterday, walking the lane after a happy hour at Bonfire and before capping the night off with some pinball at Red Flag.  I'm getting slightly sad that Christmas season is almost over, and I know I have several days still so am determined to embrace it as best as I can!  FedExing the big box o' toys to my niece and nephew today, so it will be there waiting on Christmas Eve.

Daily Food 12/19/10
Breakfast: roasted red potatoes, poached eggs, toast
Dinner: shared HH pita/tzatziki, sweet potato fries; veggie burger, hot toddies
Misc: cider, white choc pretzels

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Sean G said...

I went through on opening night, when they closed the street off to cars. It was pretty nice to be able to wander around freely. Glad you had a good time!